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Extinguish Black Mold

Organized by: Natalie Kauftheil

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Natalie Kauftheil via Crowdrise
April 16, 2015

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I lost everthing from Black Mold exposure to the house I was renting in Bailey, NC.
This is what I need the money for & what I want to do once I become healthy again:

1. Medical Tests & Medical Expenses

2. Legal Expenses

3. Recovery from my health issues due to the mold

4. To find a way to help other's & change the law to help other's who are going

     through what I am having to because the laws are not on a person's side if
     they have been exposed to toxic mold.

5.  Make sure people having mold issues that effect the brain and everyday
living to be able to get the help & support they need because of
serious brain issues which leaves one hopeless and loss.
I want to live a normal life again & be productive as well as never let anyone have to go through what I am having to go through now... Please help me get better so I can help other's.

I did not understand why I was always sick until I had to leave my home for a week to visit my son in Wilmington NC.
After a few days I started to feel better, by the end of the week I was feeling like a new person, then I went back to the home in Bailey and within days I was back to being sick. I had no idea about mold and what it could do to your body or the systems of Black Mold exposer until I began to research the cause and effects.
I found out I had all the systems of being exposed to the molds in the worst way. Chronic Fatigue, Trouble Breathing, Migraines that have lasted for the past 3 years, foggy brain, digestive disorders , depression, aches and pains, chronic sinsus prombems, Short Term Memory lost and the list goes on. I thought I just had bad luck with my health until I learned what black mold can do to a person.
I told my landlords and I was always dismissed by them and noting was ever done. I even told them I would test for the mold myself and was told let us see it first, they never showed. I finally called a lawyer and they said to have an enviromental agency come into the house and do some air testing. So I did at my own expense and the results showed mold exposure.
The lawyer then told me to get proof from my doctor, I was skin tested for molds and found out I was highly allergic to black mold as well as dust which makes me even more suspital to the black mold and other myotoxins. I was told to leave my home and do not take anything with me until my landlords had it properly cleaned or replaced.
So I left the next day leaving my life behind. Once my landlords were told by the lawyer who I thought was helping me it went from worse to unreal. The landlords did their own testing but my lawyer said he was waiting for their report, then I was taken to small claims court by my landlords. The lawyer told me it should be dismissed for several reason's first I was notified by regular mail, never served by a sheriff or certified mail which is required by law, also I now live in New Hanover County not Nash County where the mold infested house is. Long story short even after asking for a continuous I was denied.
Once in court I was told I had 10 days to get my belongings without my landlords having to properly clean or replace my belongings that now have been destroyed to mold or have the fungus on all my belongings.
Then I had my lawyer who I thought was helping me told me he could not help me with an appeal and when I get my ducks in a row he will help me... OMGOODNESS!!!
So now I have used all my savings and what little money I have I am using to stay in short term rental that I only have for one more week.
I still have to see neurology and they need to do an MRI and other tests in which I do not have the resources. The laws concerning mold and health effects are so unclear no lawyer wants to help unless they know they can win without a doubt or the all the work is done for them at our costs.



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Organized by

Natalie Kauftheil

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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I love that the money will be passed on to others with toxic mold illness's & changes of the laws as well. Help Natalie and lets see how many we can help after Natalie. 3 years ago

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