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Im trying to raise some money for my nieces dog. His name is Blacky. He is a 15 year old Chihuahua. Blacky is the best dog anyone can have. He was just like alittle baby. He loved being the center of attraction. Everyone that came in contact with him would just fall in love with. many people wouldnt believe that he was 15. Blacky has a very strong will to live. He has prved that many times over. Back in 2004 he was on live support and they didnt think he would make it and proved them wrong. Proved them wrong a few years ago when he was in a oxygen tank and every time they would take him out he wouldnt be able to breath. But once again he proved them wrong. This past week has been a very rough week. Over the summer Blacky has been couching and every day he was getting worse and worse. We took him to the vet and they would higher his medication. Several months prior we found out Blacky's trachea collapsed. So his doctor put im on heavy medications. The couching just kept getting bad. This past week we took him to the ER and they told us his whole trachea is collapsed. That next morning I went to his doctor and told him about Blacky and that we need to do the stent. He made all the arrangement's and that afternoon he was at the specialist. They said they would have to do several test to make sure he can handle the procedure and Blacky past them all with flying colors. With out any hesitation my sister told them to do it. So the doctor ordered the stent and they got it the next day. They put the stent in and told us his trachea is now wide open. They said Blacky is doing good and very alert. And if we know Blacky I bet he cant wait to get out of there. The bills as everyone knows can get very costly so I decided to try to raise some money to help her. Blacky is exspected to live a full and active life. At the time of this posting Blacky hasnt come home from the hospital. He is due to come home sometime today 8/21/2014. I will continue to post updates.



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