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Blancas House Corp

Blancas House Corp
CROWDRISE : May 28, 2013
Tax ID: 26-1338765
BASED: Huntington Station, NY, United States


A Monumental Undertaking

Blanca’s House has provided the following medical specialties: gynecology, gastrointestinal, plastic surgery, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, dental care and surgery, pediatrics, audiological services,urology, and otolaryngological services. Starting in 2012, Blanca’s House has sponsored three young children who required surgery in the United States. Their three cases all required more extensive care than could be provided in their local communities. Through Blanca’s Kids, we are able to provide free housing and care, while also arranging for them to receive free medical care on Long Island. Following their treatment here, Blanca’s Kids continues to ensure that they receive the continued medical treatment they require in their own countries.


Blanca's House is a non-profit organization of volunteer healthcare professionals who donate their time to provide free, invaluable medical treatment to children and their families. Whether through surgery, medical supplies, or educational outreach, Blanca's House provides twenty-first century medicine to the underprivileged. Across Long Island or around the world, Blanca's House brings healthcare to those who need it most.

Additionally, the team provides the services listed below:

  1. Information Technology – each potential patient’s identifying information is entered into the database; all medical notes are entered into the local intranet system providing paperless accountability
  2. Triage/Screening – patients are examined by a team of doctors and Physician Assistants to determine priority status of medical condition and need
  3. Pre-op – patients are prepped for their procedure or surgery
  4. Post-op/PACU – patients are monitored subsequent to surgery
  5. Floor – patients are admitted and attended to during an overnight hospital stay, if needed
  6. Junior Volunteers/Ancillary team members – runners, assist in all above services
  7. Translation services
  8. Clinical/surgical experiences for Medical Students, SRNA (Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist), Physical Assistant Students, Residents, Dental Students…affiliations with Stony Brook School of Medicine, Columbia University School of Dentistry and Nurse Anesthetists.

Project Goals/Initiatives


Stretching across international borders to provide essential medical care in local communities, we offer healthcare services (medical and dental), as well as health education, food & school supplies and clothing in our “host neighborhoods.”  Offering free healthcare to anyone in need, this program has facilitated care for over 5,000 people in the past eight years. 


At times, our Medical Teams Abroad face cases that are urgent and dire, but cannot be treated locally, as they require more extensive care than can be provided in their local communities.  Through Blanca’s Kids, we are able to provide these children with free airfare, housing and care, while they receive free medical care on Long Island.  Following their treatment here, Blanca’s Kids continues to support and ensure they receive the continued medical treatment they require in their own countries.


In order to make healthcare services more readily available to the people of Ecuador, Blanca's House has set up three clinic locations in the country. Volunteer doctors at each site provide health screening, necessary pre-operative testing, and information in preparation for the arrival of our mission team.  Our volunteer staff compiles all governmental and personal documents into individual folders that travel with the patient to the location of our mission.       


The Go Dental Mission team provides pro-bono dental services and dental health education to under-served communities in Latin America.

Go Dental Mission volunteers come from various backgrounds. Our team of volunteers are Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, and Non-Dental Volunteers with an interest in caring for children and adults in urban and rural the communities in Latin America.  Our Dental Team volunteers have a passion for working with children and adults.

Patient oral health and nutritional education are key elements of the program. A portion of our volunteers have little or no dental background, however, their services are a critical component to the successful operation of our work. Non-dental volunteers work side-by-side with the dental professionals in clinical and school settings.  Interacting with the people of our host country is a critical component for all short term medical mission trips and allows us to leave a lasting foot print on the community.



Tax ID: 26-1338765 •

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Blanca's House

Blanca's House

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