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Blb Memorial Scholarship Fund

We provide scholarship money to Chandler High School varsity football players to assist them in obtaining a college education and their dreams in honor of our son BRANDON LEE BECK, who was killed in 2010. Tax ID 45-3603622


Our mission is a work in progress...But, basically our  goal is to give $3,400.00 of  scholarships to high school athletes each year. Brandon played organized sports for many years and some of our best family memories were spent watching him play and be successful in sports. Why $3,400.00 well that was Brandon's football jersey number and felt like a good place to START...hopefully we can give more in years to come.

We feel organized athletic programs can play a vital role in a young man's life. We want to support the leadership and camaraderie found on the football field. Our wish, as Brandon's parents, was that he STAY in sports where the coaches and other athletes could be a positive influence. That did not happen and Brandon paid the ultimate price. If we can inspire, encourage, support, and touch the life of just ONE young man for a greater good then we have met our goal and accomplished our mission....


But, why stop there....Forever BLB