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Raising Awareness Through Adventure & Exploration Tax ID 47-2832303


Our overall goal is to help the visually impaired move more, explore more and adventure more through adaptive athletics and recreation.


Blind Endeavors Foundation was founded by Steve Baskis, an Army Veteran that lost his eyesight from an IED in Iraq.  Since that day in 2008, he has scaled several mountains to include Mt Lobuche, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus and others throughout the US.  He also kayaks, skis, cycles and loves technology.  He took his passions and created the foundation to share not just his stories of accomplishment and overcoming adversity, but others as well in hopes to inspire and provide the means for others to pursue their own Endeavors.


Three areas that we focus on are:

  • Awareness & Education
  • Research & Development
  • Athletics & Recreation


All three are interconnected and important in raising awareness, to show those of all abilities that anything is possible.  


This is how it works:


We provide awareness of what other have done or are doing by visiting various schools and organizations and giving immersive presentations or publicly posting videos, blogs, photos, etc.  If someone expresses interest in lets say kayaking and the person is completely blind, we'll provide the resources they need, be it a nearby organization or person that can help them pursue the endeavor.  If a special piece of equipment or specific technique is needed for the person to effectively kayak, we may help develop that equipment or technique, and if we can't do it, we probably know someone that can.  If this person wants to continue with kayaking and share what they learned or maybe share their story with others, they can become part of our Blind Endeavors Adventure Sports Team (B.E.A.S.T.).  B.E.A.S.T. consists of adaptive athletes that head out on adventures with a focus on figuring out how to make things work for people of varying disabilities to share with the community...and it all turns into a cycle from there.

This is where you come in...


We're small, but we want to make a large difference.  The foundation is primarily all volunteer and we plan to hold a small event or two a year.  Sometimes we also send people to events to participate or volunteer.  Like most organizations, we are only as strong as those that support us. Financial contributions fund our programs and help with outreach.  We try to be as transparent as possible, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


But funding is only part of the solution.  Getting the word out to those with and without disabilities is even more important.  We can really use some hard charging dedicated volunteers to help out with media or maybe at an event.  We would also love to have some of those that are visually impaired represent B.E.A.S.T. at events or share their stories on the blog.  Or if you know someone that is visually impaired or has another disability that talks about doing something but scared to do it or they think they can't...please, send them our way.  Those are some of the best ways you can help us out.


Check out our website for more information about volunteering and our other programs.