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Although many of us have faced hard times, few of us reading this have faced poverty.  Over 25 % of women heads of household live in poverty.  That number is nearly double for Latinas.  They work hard to put a roof over their children’s heads, food on the table and clothing on their backs.  But for them, even one missed day of work due to medical challenges, their own or those of their family, can make the difference between remaining independent and going on welfare or to a woman’s shelter.  This is where Bloom Again Foundation comes in.  We provide a bridge to health to economically vulnerable working women when they encounter medical challenges through rapid response financial assistance for living essentials.  

The mission of Bloom Again Foundation is to provide rapid response financial assistance to economically vulnerable working women when they need it most due to personal or family medical emergencies.  Millions of these women are one paycheck away from poverty.  They scrape together what's needed to get by from paycheck to paycheck without federal assistance, but one illness in the family, a car accident, or other medical emergency is life-changing for them.

A gift from Bloom Again Foundation provides working women living at or near the poverty level with the security and peace of mind needed to recover from incapacitating illnesses or maintain their households during medical emergencies.  Over 90% of your donation goes directly to women in financial need.

Bloom Again Foundation was founded by bestselling author, Dr. Lois Frankel, along with like-minded friends and colleagues committed to helping women in need.  While Dr. Frankel was being treated for breast cancer she realized how fortunate she was to have all the resources needed to allow her to heal at her own pace.  At the same time, she thought of the thousands of economically vulnerable women who were not as fortunate and vowed to help them once she was back on her feet.  A friend's observation that it looked as if she was "blooming again" when her hair and eyelashes began to grow back provided the name for the organization.