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With all the madness going on with our police officers and families becoming victims of senseless crimes or for being accused of crimes when they're just doing their job, it's time to stand behind them. It's a big step for one person to take to get this started, but we need to start somewhere. The proceeds that will be donated will go to the Officers', Troopers' and Deputies' families who have been effected by violent crimes or legal battles. In a time of need, money is usually very helpful. There can be time gaps before insurance policies are paid out to a grieving family. In many cases, the life that is lost is the main bread winner. Money can also allow for time to be taken off work for grievance as well. Donations can be made to children of the lives that have been lost to start or add to a college fund or to even simply fund a hobby of theirs to help cope with the loss. These are simple instances for grievance, however, what about officers who are being put on the stand and out of work? How are their family's making ends meet? How about just sending something to officers lying in a hospital who have been wounded but survived? With these proceeds, I'll also open a website to where I can design and produce merchandise so together we can rise above #BlackLivesMatter and show them exactly who is stronger. Show support to our Law Enforcement that we NEED them. Show the family's of the slain that their loved ones did not die in vain. With the money I will make from merchandising will also go to this foundation. $1,000,000.00 is a lot of money, but this is just a maximum goal I'd like to reach. Things such as college funds, life support money and legal matters and building a brand are not cheap. This is not only for family's who've been affected recently, but family's and officers who will be affected in our near future. (We don't wish for this, but it's great to be prepared.) I want to start a foundation that will not be temporary, I want this to grow into something big so when officers are in trouble, they have someone to stand behind them, for a change. Please stand with me and donate at least a dollar and please, please SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! There are millions of people in this country who support our law enforcement agencies, if everybody donates at least a dollar, we can make this thing grow! I know Blue Blood runs thick. And when things get thick in our lives, they're there to help.



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