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$1.00 CAN BE POWERFUL $1.00 CAN PURCHASE A HOME! Yes, a donation of $1.00 can help Bobby Hayes get a home. In 1993, after his mother gifted him some of the family's land, Bobby proudly purchased a single-wide trailer home. Though modest, it was a home that was his. Then, twelve years ago, Bobby had a traumatic head injury which resulted in his being hospitalized and then receiving rehabilitation for over nine months. He eventually was able to return to work, but his work pay was not sufficient for him to keep up with his monthly bills.
After falling behind in his mortgage payments and the mortgage company threatening to repossess his trailer, he had to put aside his pride and turn to his family for help. In 2009, he reached out and received a loan from a family member. That family member and Bobby went into an agreement where Bobby understood that his trailer and land would be put up as collateral for the loan until it was paid off.
Bobby began making monthly payments against the loan, but then fell behind because of illness. He was hospitalized in late 2010 and had surgery to correct a blockage problem in his esophagus. Bobby again was out of work for several weeks, with bills continuing to mount.
During the subsequent months, he was plagued with one thing after another. One afternoon, on his way home from work, his car caught on fire and was totally demolished. His sister let him use her car to get back and forth to work which was 75 miles from his residence. Then, this past February, Bobby was on his way to work and had a blackout while driving. He had an accident which totaled his sister’s car.
This accident compounded his health and financial situation. Since the accident, Bobby has taken many tests, but no one has been able to determine the cause of his blackouts. Bobby recently took an MRI that will hopefully determine the cause. He is awaiting the results.
With help from his sister, Bobby paid off the initial loan and was excited at the thought of regaining his property. He had successfully made monthly payments totaling slightly more than the original loan! When he went to make final settlement, he was told by the lender that there was no agreement to return the property; that he (the lender) was the owner. Although Bobby had met his part of the agreement and no longer owed any money, the lender insisted that he did not make an agreement to return the property and therefore wanted Bobby to vacate the property. Since the agreement was verbal and Bobby did not have anything in writing, the court had to rule in the lender’s favor.

In September 2012, Bobby was forced to vacate the home that he had fought so hard to keep and is currently staying with family until he is able to raise enough money to purchase another home. He is not asking for extravagance, simply a place to lay his head and call his own. Bobby is reaching out to his family, his community, and to anyone who will help. With $40,000, Bobby will be able to purchase a parcel of land and buy another modest trailer home. Please donate $1.00 OR MORE so that this 54 year old, hardworking, and caring person can smile once again. Thanks so much


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Mini concert fundraiser

Mini concert fundraiser

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