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VISION: ​A world using art to heal & connect. MISSION: ​Bohemiare increases accessible connections between people & nonprofits, enhancing messages with story-telling art​. Tax ID 46-4584752


Bohemiare offers artwork that supports the missions of many nonprofits. Exhibits and showings are GROWING but we need your help. Our 2017 goal is $9000 broken into 3 tiers. Nonprofits accomplish more by combining art exhibitions with other activities at their events. Our story-telling art increases attendance, encourages dialog among event attendees, and promotes understanding, tolerance, and support of important social issues. While art is an excellent communication tool, the traveling expenses and professional rental fees involved with exhibitions are usually cost prohibitive to nonprofits. Bohemiare makes traveling art exhibitions available for nonprofits’ events at little to no cost. Exhibitions are currently offered throughout Umbria, the region of Italy surrounding Spoleto recently hit by earthquakes. With greater financial support and stability, Bohemiare will be able to transport its exhibitions at greater distance serving more events. 

Phase one are projects are currently being shown but need need funding to refine, present and carry the works in a professional way (currently being shown with hardware store vinyl laid over with a plastic edge versus glass and wood):

OPERATION NORCIA -  earthquake stricken zone of Norcia and Casteluccio di Noricia, assisting the local Norcini to fundraise

What's Your Cocktail? IV IgG - tells a visual story of what's behind closed doors in hospital IV wards

SPOLETO FILES: Music, Modern Art & the Cold War - education ArtCHivio installation on how America stole the international art scene during the Cold War

Beauty of the Beast -  Tigers Facing Extinction - Working with wild tiger biologists and "Save The Tiger Fund .Org’s" Campaign, these images tell the story of Tigers Facing Extinction becuse of illegal Tiger Trafficking

My Modigliani, Lautrec & Van Gogh Blues - each work is created in the style of a (usually) deceased artist, well-known or maybe not, who during their lifetime lived and suffered with ongoing tragic events that often consumed them

Phase two professional international photographers but can't be show them till we get HQ canvases printed:

Cat Woman of Spoleto - a  photographic series inside Spoleto's golden city of art

Angel in the Wings - the images of the child parent relationship when the parent is chronically ill

The Two of ME - Life with ME (weblink not yet available)

Phase three fundraising allows us to buy our own portable, durable but light weight display racks. With these racks in hand, we can accept numerous offers we are current;y turning down due to technical issues of hanging art in building where the space if free for nonprofit events but have a "no nails" in walls policy. Along with this phase we can commit an affordable PR person to get these social issues stories being told world wide.

This is where we need you. Bohemiare pays no staff, pays no salaries, pays no rental storage. 100% of your donations goes to hard costs. After we get phase 1 to 3 funding completed... we are set and off to an already running start!