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On my way walking home from the store, I saw a lost loose dog. She was clearly petrified and exhausted. I just so happened to stop at the McD's to pick up 3 plain hamburgers for my dogs, so I thought I would try to give her one to see if I could get her to come by me. I called 311 right away, what a joke. She started to run and took off towards North Ave. She ran in the middle of North, and then so did I. I tried blocking traffic because this poor girl was going to get hit. She had no concept of what cars are. She almost got hit many times, myself included . She then turned and started to run down the middle of Kedzie Ave and I tried blocking all that traffic too. I followed her. I had to make sure she didn't get hit. I finally was able to get her to go into Humboldt Park. She eventually laid down out of exhaustion and I made sure to keep my distance. I had called the cops when i was running down North and they told me not to block traffic. Yeah right, I'm not letting a dog get killed. I put in about 10 calls to 311. I put the hamburger down and walked away and sat down. She finally walked over and ate it. I did this 4 times. I remained sitting and slowly moved towards her little by little. Finally I was sitting next to her. I sat in the mud with this dog for 3 hours. I called the CACC dispatch and told them I had been waiting for over 3 hours for help. They told me they would not be coming out. They had been busy all morning with picking up injured dogs and only had 1 truck. I cried my eyes out. I obviously called my person who is my best friend in the world Melissa and balled my eyes out. I told her I was meant to see this dog for a reason. Obviously, I was meant to help her. But why wasn't the man upstairs sending the troops my way to help? How could I sit with her for all these hours and then walk away from her? Then I would be failing her too. I called 911 and told them that I couldn't get help. They said they would send an officer. Officer Rodriguez came out and we spoke. He was going to go back to the station to see if he could get a leash. Well Melissa shared my post that I put on Facebook. When I was sitting with the dog, this guy walked up with a dog noose and some pupparonis. I had the dog taking treats and eating out of my hands. The clouds were finally disappearing. Ron had seen Melissa's shared post and he drove all the way out from Brookfield to help. We sat out there for a few more hours gaining her trust. Finally, we knew we just had to do it. Ron got up and tried to noose her. She barked at him to back off and he didn't. So she sat down and let him put the noose around her. My gosh, I was so relieved. I ran home to get a chip scanner and then ran back to the park. No chip. She clearly also had a litter at some point. I also bought some bologne at the corner store to entice her to get her in the car. We ended up staying at the park for an additional 2 hours and finally just picked her up and put her in. She loves to be petted. She is the sweetest thing ever. She loves head pets and belly rubs and she takes bologne and treats from your hand nicely. We are currently trying to find a foster for her. We will post fliers for her, but believed she was dumped. We are also going to try to raise funds for her. vetting and would like to place her in a no kill shelter if no one claims her and . She has an amazing personality. If you can foster, please let us know. She is dog friendly. Dogs walked passed up non stop and she did not react at all. Did I mention she loves to roll over on her back? She has no idea the emotional roller coaster she put me through. If you would like to foster her please let me know. Or if you can donate any funds so we an have her fully vetted that would be awesome too. I was with this dog from 10:30am until 5:30pm this evening. Again, I did not walk way. Any help you could give, would be appreciated. Now I am going to have a glass of wine even though I am a muddy mess. But I am going to celebrate the sweet happy tails of this day. We have named her Bologna. Because well what happened today was a bunch of Bologne.


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Tina McLees

Tina McLees


Wish I could do more but I spread my donations all over the board. 2 years ago