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CROWDRISE : Dec 23, 2010
Tax ID: 27-0373347
BASED: Kennett Sq, PA, United States


Our Mission

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Bombay Teen Challenge
All proceeds will fund Bombay Teen Challenge, a faith based organization which serves to rescue andrestore survivors of sex trafficking in Mumbai, India. Since 1990, Bombay Teen Challenge has worked to rescue and rehabilitate destitute and desperate people living on the streets and in the red light district of Mumbai. These people include women trapped in prostitution, their at-risk daughters and other girls vulnerable to the sex industry, street children who are in danger of being abused and exploited, HIV positive orphans who have been abandoned or orphaned and those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Climbing for A Cause

“Mets Dickey has visions of hurling knuckleballs from on high” That’s what the NY times has written about NY Mets pitcher, RA Dickey’s quest to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro this coming January.
It has been a long time desire for Dickey to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, but the climb will also have a far greater impact than just fulfilling a personal desire. RA will be climbing to bring awareness and funds to aid in a powerful work that is occurring many miles away from home. RA and his wife are passionate about the issue of human trafficking, where young women are often forced into a life of prostitution. They are a special couple who feels the pain of young girls whom they have never met or seen; nonetheless, they want to do what they can to set these girls free.
RA is partnering with Bombay Teen Challenge, an organization that has brought many women and their children out from the Red Light Districts and has provided a home of love for them. Both RA and BTC are on a quest to end this vicious business. They are working to stop sexual slavery in Mumbai.
During the baseball season, when he pitches at his stadium in NY, he climbs up onto the mound and stands before a crowd of over 40,000 fans that are cheering him on to bring victory to his team. This January, RA Dickey will be climbing a different mound, one that is over 19,000 feet above sea level. RA will be climbing for thousands who have no voices for they are held captive in inhumane situations. But we can speak for them and fight for them. Let’s support RA Dickey and his amazing venture so that together we can work to set these beautiful girls free.

Tax ID: 27-0373347 •


2018 $50k Match

2018 $50k Match

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