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Bonobo Conservation Initiative

Bonobo Conservation Initiative
CROWDRISE : Nov 09, 2010
Tax ID: 52-2146443
BASED: Washington, DC, United States


Save the Bonobos!

Protect Bonobos. Preserve Rainforest. Empower People.

Help the Bonobo Conservation Initiative build the Bonobo Peace Forest, a groundbreaking approach to protecting bonobos, preserving rainforest, and empowering Congolese communities!


What's a Bonobo?

Bonobos are humankind’s closest living relatives, sharing almost 99% of our DNA. 
We tend to think of our essential animal nature as like that of the chimpanzee, our other closest relative, but the truth is that we are equally like the bonobo. Bonobos are loving, cooperative, and playful. Their society is female-centered, and they are known as the “Make Love, Not War” apes; they are renowned for their sexual creativity! We have so much to learn from our great ape cousins, but time is running out. Bonobos are endangered, and their small population is fragmented and decreasing every day.


The Congo Rainforest
Bonobos live in the heart of the Congo rainforest, within one of the most war-ravaged countries on Earth. With few economic opportunities, people have turned to logging, mining, and bushmeat hunting. Bonobos are hunted for food, or sold as pets—a practice that almost always involves killing a mother and stealing her baby. 

Even those who escape this fate are still in grave peril due to habitat destruction; their beautiful rainforest home is disappearing at an alarming rate. As the second largest rainforest in the world, the Congo rainforest also plays an essential role in absorbing carbon and slowing climate change. We all need the rainforest for our survival, pure and simple.

Your donation can help protect bonobos, and all life on Earth.


The Bonobo Peace Forest
The Bonobo Peace Forest is BCI’s guiding vision, a model conceived and created in collaboration with indigenous Congolese communities. An interconnected network of community-managed nature reserves, the Peace Forest protects bonobos while providing greater opportunities for their human neighbors. Inspired by the example of bonobo cooperation, BCI has worked with local communities, government authorities, and international organizations to develop the Peace Forest model and bring it to life. 

In the words of National Geographic Magazine: “BCI has confounded classic conservation models by basing decisions on indigenous knowledge and using local social structures to spread awareness. Their approach gives communities a long-term stake in the forests by providing health facilities, education programs, and alternative employment opportunities in areas threatened by logging concerns and commercial hunters.”


What We Do.
Together with local partners, BCI has established official protected areas spanning over 12,000 square miles. We are working with local communities to protect even more land to create a wildlife corridor connecting key habitat. BCI is working with the world reknowned Max Planck Institute to conduct long term studies on bonobos in the Peace Forest. We have developed commity programs and services, including a health clinic, sustainable agriculture initiatives, micro-enterprises for women, and an accredited college dedicated to sustainable rural development. In addition BCI has trained and employed over 100 trackers and eco-guards, local community members dedicated to protecting bonobos. 


How You Can Help
The Bonobo Peace Forest is sustainable, cost-effective, and self-replicating. As more Congolese communities ask to join the Bonobo Peace Forest, we need your help to provide them with the equipment and training that they need. We need resources to maintain the programs we’ve started, to support the trackers and fund community development projects. Our projected operating budget for 2016 is $1 million. It sounds like a lot, but it’s actually a small fraction of what the large NGOs spend every year. The bottom line is that BCI has achieved big results with a small budget. Every dollar supports our vital, on-the-ground programs. 


Bonobos: An Inspiration For Humanity
Bonobos challenge us to find what is best in ourselves. By working together, we can preserve one of the world’s most precious ecosystems and protect our closest primate cousins. The Bonobo Peace Forest is not only a groundbreaking conservation model, it is a symbol of peace and hope in the midst of a country that has seen too much war. 

Bonobos need your help. Please—donate, tell your friends, be a bonobo fundraiser. Our conservation model is going viral—you can help our campaign go viral, too!  Together, we can help create a brighter future for the Congo rainforest, and for all who depend on it for survival. We can’t do it without you. Thank You!


Tax ID: 52-2146443 •


Bonobo Conservation Initiative

Bonobo Conservation Initiative

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15K bonobos. 15K supporters.

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