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CROWDRISE : Jun 26, 2013
Tax ID: 80-0056716
BASED: Tucson, AZ, United States


Immigrant Rights&Reform;

Border Action Network is a human rights organization in border and immigrant communities. Our mission is to promote safety, equality, dignity, understanding and justice within the human environment and across cultures regardless of race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or country of origin. We envision a humane and civil society that values healthy, just and vibrant border and immigrant communities.

When you live in the shadows, your life can change in an instant. Flashing lights behind you at a traffic stop, a sudden medical crisis, or just attracting too much attention at the wrong moment can mean the loss of your quiet, steady lifestyle, your home, and even your family.


This is the reality for 11 million undocumented migrants living in the United States, a reality that affects many here in Southern Arizona. Although many parts of anti-immigrant legislation such as SB 1070 were struck down by the Supreme Court, 2B was still implemented, and it is inherently structured to institutionalize the perpetuation of racial profiling. This year, immigrant families did not report crimes committed against them because they were afraid. Eligible voters stayed at home because of intimidation. Relatives of children whose parents were taken by ICE did not come forward to claim them for fear of repercussion. The oppressive laws that keep immigrants in the shadows create deep wounds in our community and negatively impact generations of families living in fear.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform is upon us and we need to prepare the community for a successful transition. Now, more than ever, we need to step up our efforts and gain momentum to close this chapter of oppression from our history. We are requesting your support so that we can amplify the voice and redouble the efforts of our community, a community who seeks to support the migrant families who face harsh realities.


Your support makes it possible for BAN to provide services to people like “Noel,” a young man in his 20’s who recently visited our office to enroll in GED classes. His entire family accompanied him: his mother, his grandmother, his sister, and his 4-year-old nephew. His mother explained that she was terrified to let him out of her sight. “I just don’t want him to go out after he was picked up," she told us. He had been detained during a routine traffic stop and taken into custody after local law enforcement notified Border Patrol. His mother managed to find representation, and Noel was released after receiving a letter verifying his participation in BAN's educational program. "The guards told him that they would deport him to his homeland," Noel's mother added. "My son came here as a small child. He doesn’t even remember Mexico. The US is his homeland!”


Without community support, young people like Noel, who consider the United States their home, are vulnerable to being sent away and forever separated from their families. Many immigrants have already suffered tragic losses in order to make a home in the United States. The Tucson Sector recovers the human remains of approximately 150 migrants each year who die crossing the Arizona desert. Of those who do make it to Tucson, many are in need of basic services such as food, water, and shelter, but many also desperately need humane educational and counseling services that protect and inform them of their rights as human beings and allow them to heal and progress. Some of the legal, educational, and counseling services that BAN is poised to provide this year through our help line and in-person advocacy include: Abuse Documentation, Educational Support (Spanish GED Classes and ESL), Information & Referral Services, Grief Counseling for Families Who Have Lost Loved Ones Crossing the Desert, Preparation of Custody Documents, Power of Attorney, and Free Notary Services and Providing Safe-Space for Undocumented Victims to Report Crimes.


With your help, BAN can continue to support the community in 2013.


A contribution of any amount will help us with our mission, but you can also send funds that can be dedicated to providing specific services. A generous gift of $100 can help a GED Student complete their testing, $250 can cover the copy costs for legal packets, $500 can help a Dreamer to file their application, and $1,000 can send a BAN member to Washingtonso we can have a voice in immigration reform. Your generous donations allow us to provide advocacy and abuse documentation for migrants and their families, advocate for migrant communities, engage a strong voter base for the critical 2014 elections, and provide essential, humane educational and legal services.


Generous friends like you have made it possible for BAN to support many families like Noel's, who want more than anything to stay together. As Noel’s family was preparing to leave the BAN office, his grandmother picked up her 4-year-old grandchild and said, "In my heart, that big guy is just as small as my great-grandchild. I need to protect him.” Any gift amount will help give migrant communities in Arizona hope and allow us to join with Noel's grandmother in protecting and supporting those in the migrant community whose rights are in jeopardy.


We invite you to join us and become a voice in the call for justice. Thank you!

Tax ID: 80-0056716 •


Immigrant Rights & Human Services

Immigrant Rights & Human Ser…

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