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Orangutan Foundation International

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Sandra Birnhak wrote -

As an Environmental Activist I have watched the decline of the Orangutan in Indonesia (Borneo & Sumatra) over the past years.  Increased global demand for Palm Oil has put extraordinary stress on Orangutan habitats ~ a species now on a fast track to Extinction.  Deforestation has ravaged their habitat.  Left homeless, Orangutan families have been torn apart ~ mothers brutally raped & killed by Palm Oil Plantation workers ~ their babies sold into captivity ~ refusing to leave their homes they are "burned out of trees" and often murdered for "sport".  This species shares 97% of our DNA ~ pretty close.  They share our emotions, familial closeness and are highly intelligent.  How can we help them?  After considerable thought I feel the strongest alliance we can have as the public is one with The Orangutan Foundation International.

Mission Statement of The Orangutan Foundation International ~

Our mission is to support the conservation and the understanding of the orangutan and its habitat while caring for/rehabilitating these ex-captive individuals as they make their way back home to the rain forest.
Since its inception OFI has rescued and returned to the wild over 450 orangutans in Indonesian Borneo and has protected over one million acres of rainforest. OFI has worked with Indonesian government and local communities in Borneo to expand national parks, establish reserves, and buy forest from local people and communities in order to set up local protective forests.




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A little help to Save the Orangutans ~ 5 years ago