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Baby You And I Were Born To be Brave

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#BornToBeBraveBaby is a fundraiser to educate and spread the word about not only teenage bullying, but bullying in our every day lives. We don't need more people to stand up [even though that's amazing] we need more people to listen because how else are we going to move the world into a better direction? Born To Be Brave is about not about believing in another religion, but it's about accepting another religion. It's not becoming lesbian or transgender, it's about accepting those who chose to be so. It's not about dying your hair the rainbow, but instead accepting those who believe its a way to express themselves.
It is not about changing who you are, but about accepting the others around you.

I believe we were put on this Earth to live happy. Sure, we were also put on here to cry, be angry, and happy ~ but life is about feeling safe and secure, knowing the world outside your door is safe too.

Everyday children and adults are sexually assaulted, abused physically and verbally, and even killed for who they are and what they stand for. Sometimes people go so far to get their governments attention that they self mutilate or even kill themselves.

Everyday women are oppressed by others. Everyday men are oppressed by others. Everyday, society checks its list twice to find out who's naughty and nice and pays them a visit.

This should not be a world where we have to worry. This should be a world where we accept each other's differences and know that we are not all alike. And yet, we are so similar.



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