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Boston for Barry

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March 08, 2017

Hey Y'all!! Cousin Mary here... We are so close to the goal of $2000 that I'm adding a little incentive. Anyone matching or exceeding my $50  See more

BENEFITING: International Myeloma Foundation


Mary Blum


Reed Scott wrote -

First things first, the guy in the photos isn’t me. The man you see in the photo above is the legendary, the awesome, the honorable Uncle Barry. That right, he’s my uncle, and for as long as I can remember he’s been a totally awesome guy. The most awesome thing about my Uncle is his winning streak against the world’s toughest opponent: cancer. Screw you cancer, you suck.

Specifically, he suffers from myeloma, a blood cancer that attacks bone marrow. For years my Uncle Barry and Aunt Rose had to constantly make trips to Boston Massachusetts for chemo therapy and other treatments and doctors’ appointments. I know it’s been a tough fight for both him and my Aunt Rose, so when I qualified for the Boston marathon they were the first two people that came to mind, and with that thought came a connection and an opportunity.

To me, it only seems logical that I dedicate my first Boston Marathon to my Uncle Barry, but I also need you to know one thing: I’ve never dedicated a race to anybody. I have never before deemed a person or a cause so important as to race in their honor, and I’ve ran a lot of races. So when I say that I’m running the Boston Marathon in honor of my uncle and his fight, I hope you understand just how significant that is.

With that said, I not only want to run the Boston marathon in his honor, but I’m also going to try to make a difference along the way (still in his honor). So today I’m beginning my “Boston for Barry” fundraiser. So here’s how it’s going to work. My goal is to fundraise $2000 with the plan of donating it all to the Internation Myeloma Foundation (Uncle Barry’s top pick). I’m asking you beautiful human beings to help me out by making whatever donations you can and spreading the word.

Oh and there’s some fun perks to donating. If you donate any amount I’ll send you a thank you letter, and include you in a thank you note to everyone who donated once the fundraiser is over. If you donate $40 or more I’ll write your name on the pinny I’ll be wearing on race day. Speaking of pinnys, I’ll also be attempting to collect business sponsorships, placing logos on the front or back of my pinny. So if you or someone you know owns a business and would like contribute to a noble cause, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Now for my personnel favorite: the hair dye vote. You read that right. Everyone who donates, no matter how big or how small, will get to vote for one of seven different colors. I’ll be dying my hair the top three colors for race day. So if you want to see some pink in my hair (like I do) make sure to donate and cast your vote!

For the finale, if we manage to raise my goal of $2000 I will 1.) Shave my arms and legs, which I’ve never done for a race, and 2.) Take a video of myself taking an ice bath AND having a bag of ice dumped on me the night before the race. It’s pretty much the ice bucket challenge again, but with some crazy hair and a marathon the next day.

There’s a lot of fun and crazy things going on here, and they’re all going towards a good cause. So please press that donate button.; it’ll be fun and give your heart a fuzzy warmness. If you can’t afford to donate that’s cool, I understand. In that case all I ask is that you spread the good word. Share this on facebook, Instagram, twitter, tumblr, whatever social media you use. Cancer has affected all of us in some way, so it only makes sense that we all come together to kick cancer’s butt.


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Patricia  and  Reed  Scott

Patricia and Reed Scott

We are so proud of you. This shows those leadership qualities that will carry you far. I can imagine the pride Uncle Barry and Aunt Rose feel for your efforts. 2 years ago

Mary Blum

Mary Blum


2 years ago