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Boston Cares, Inc.

Boston Cares, Inc.
CROWDRISE : Jun 24, 2013
Tax ID: 04-3173682
BASED: Boston, MA, United States


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Our Mission - Boston Cares mobilizes and trains individual and corporate volunteers who strengthen communities and improve the lives of people in need.

Boston Cares builds relationships with schools and nonprofits with needs that can be filled by flexibly scheduled teams of volunteers; and then we recruit, train and lead reliable and enthusiastic groups of volunteers who get the job done.  

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Our Values 

1) Volunteerism is a force for positive social and personal change.

2) Every level of volunteering commitment has value.

3) Volunteerism at its best incorporates accessibility and diversity.

4) Individuals and groups can all make valuable volunteering contributions.

5) Boston Cares is committed to providing all stakeholders - volunteers, community partners, sponsors, and funders - with a quality experience.

Please note that we have moved as of 4/11/15 to 90 Canal Street, Suite 610, Boston, MA 02114. Our old address was at 190 High St.

Tax ID: 04-3173682 •


Boston Cares Boston 2016

Boston Cares Boston 2016

Amount Raised:



101% Raised of $15,000 Goal

Boston Cares 2015 Annual Appeal

Boston Cares 2015 Annual App…

Amount Raised:



25% Raised of $10,000 Goal

The Boston Cares Bed Project

The Boston Cares Bed Project

Amount Raised:



0% Raised of $25,000 Goal