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Jared Dempsey's Fundraiser:

Boston Police Appreciation: Costco Gift Certificates

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Jared Dempsey


The plan
The number of gift certificates will depend upon the amount of funds raised and the level of contribution we can get from Costco. Here are the facts:
BPD Sworn Officers: 2,170 (approx.)
Goal of $100 per officer: $217,000

1) More than $217,000 raised: Funds will be divided by the number of active duty officers. This amount will be given to each officer in the form of a Costco gift certificate
2) Goal of $217,000 raised: Each active duty officer will receive a Costco gift certificate in the amount of approximately $100
3) Half of Goal met of $108,000: Each active duty officer will receive a Costco gift certificate in the amount of approximately $50
4) Less than half of goal made: A poll will be distributed online in which people will vote for the specific Boston Police Department associated philanthropic agency to donate the funds to. All of the funds will be donated to the agency with the most votes.

Why Costco:
The Company: They pay a living wage to their employees. Their employees are one of the highest paid for their field. Their CEO is one of the lowest paid CEO’s for the field. Essentially, Costco is not evil.

The Choice: Officers will be able to purchase anything from food to furniture.

Boston Economy: Boston’s economy lost millions by shutting down for a day. Giving the gift certificate will mean that the funds will most likely be spent at local (Boston) Costco stores.

Company Contribution/Matching: Once we have raised a portion of funds, we can start contact Corporate Costco to try to get a contribution or matching of funds. Costco is heavily involved in philanthropic activities and the employees often volunteer their time as well. Again, the company has a soul (unlike other retailers).



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