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Boycott the Perfect Puppy Pet Stores!

Team Member: Deborah Duby

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Stop Perfect Puppy
July 18, 2016

Please help us close down this awful place. There has been too many heartbreaking stories about the puppies that have come from this place. Too See More


Brienna Oulette wrote -

There are hundreds of us, maybe thousands...We are a Force to be Reckoned with. I took this opportunity to stand up to Perfect Puppy because I heard all of you when you voiced support and encouragement…You want them to stop. You want the suffering to end. You want to see the hurt healed. I am now fighting for all of that. Perfect Puppy is attempting to silence us. That is unacceptable. We have a right to protest, we have the right to speak the truth and we damn sure have the right to use our VOICE. We are a community and we are unstoppable. This is our chance to shut them down. I created this fundraiser because we, as a community, started this together- and I cannot finish it alone.

The Perfect Puppy hides and denies the fact that they import from Puppy Mills and re-sell sick puppies to innocent families. We are what stands between this business, these puppies and the truth. The Perfect Puppy may have instigated this fight, but (with your help) we will use it, prove it, finish it and Shut Them Down.


The Perfect Puppy pet store imports from puppy mills. They re-sell sick puppies to innocent families. These families purchase the puppy, bring him or her home and within a week- the puppy begins to show signs of illness. The end result is immeasurable heartache, pain and suffering.

I, Brienna Oulette, formed Boycott the Perfect Puppy. Hundreds of people joined and thousands signed the Petition- all showing support, voicing opinions and demanding change. Tons of customers and even an ex-employee of the vet spoke out. Here are just a few examples:

  • “My sister bought a dog there that did not even last 24 hours”
  • “A friend bought 2 puppies from this establishment, and they both died within 2 weeks”
  • “My friend purchased three German shepherds from there- they all had parvo and died within a week. He found out through autopsy results”
  • "We bought our dog from Perfect Puppy. She had multiple skin infections. The vet said her face was literally "rotting off."”
  • “We got sold a very sick puppy! She has severe pneumonia. She’s not getting better! We’re spending so much money on vet bills!”
  • "They sold us a very sick puppy. This puppy was blind, had a respiratory infections and multiple gastrointestinal infections.”
  • "I got a puppy from Perfect Puppy. Antibiotic-resistant kennel cough and pneumonia put our puppy in the ICU for a week, costing us at least $3-4K."
  • “I got a puppy 3 days ago. She was vomiting, lethargic and couldn't hold her head up. Eventually her little body couldn't take anymore. She died”
  • “I purchased a VERY sick puppy that had the deadly Parvovirus!! We have vet bills for thousands $$$ because she was hospitalized for a week and “THE PERFECT PUPPY” did NOTHING to help!!!”
  • "My dog was extremely ill. He had pneumonia, giardia, worms, EVERYTHING wrong! We were at the vet 2x a week for months! He was placed on tons of antibiotics and he might not have made it!”

The Page offered customers a safe, anonymous space to use their voice. One voice multiplied… by a hundred, a thousand…is deafening. The sheer number of people who came forward was staggering… It was so impactful that the DEM and AG’s office reached out.


The owner of Perfect Puppy, Scott Bergantino, reacted by lashing out in an attempt to shut down the discussion. So, all identities were protected. Discussions are confidential. Posts, Comments, and Photographs are anonymous. My desire to protect people’s identities came from an understanding that people need to feel safe. They need to know they will not be harmed for speaking their truth.

Mr. Bergantino was unable to identify, contact or silence anyone choosing to use their voice. Outraged, he targeted the only person he could- me. Mr. Bergantino attempted to force me to close the Page- silencing those brave enough to speak out. I refused, so he began to harass me.

His harassment includes:

  • A plan to visit the HR Dept. at my place of employment- in an attempt to have me fired
  • Going inside my spouse’s place of employment- threatening and scaring the employees, in an attempt to have my spouse fired
  • Repeatedly posted threatening public comments on the main Page
  • Posting on my business page- in an attempt to harm my business
  • Re-iterated plans to try and have me investigated and/or arrested for various ‘made up’ crimes
  • Threatening emails
  • Publicly and repeatedly calling me a “lezbo”.
  • Perhaps, most threatening, he made sure I was aware he knew exactly where I live and exactly where I work.

Despite the threats and financial pressure- the Page is still active, identities are still protected and people continue to speak out. 

Why This is So Important:

As I stated, I plan to use this fight to speak the truth and prove it. Perfect Puppy will be forced to show where their puppies come from, if they've ever had a sick puppy, how many sick puppies, how where they treated etc. Mr. Bergantino will need to provide an incredibly large amount of information related to sick puppies and his business. The consumer complaints, when combined- show a pattern of neglect, sickness, pain, suffering and unethical business practices. This will prove that Perfect Puppy uses puppy mills- importing and re-selling sick and dying puppies to innocent families. That fact legitimizes the documentation of almost every reported experience. Each individual complaint, when examined together, displays a pattern of behavior. That is what the officials need. This forum provides the Public access to this information. I’ve also had multiple media requests from television news stations, for interviews. So, even if they wanted to, this can’t be ignored.

When I started this Page, the goal was to raise awareness and educate, that's it! I did not anticipate any of this, but I will use it and try to shut them down! I won’t lie and say this has been easy- because it hasn’t…But nothing in life is free and nothing worth having is easy. I believe this is a blessing in disguise- as it gives us a legitimate chance to publicly prove what we’ve always known to be the truth.

When I said that we started this together- I meant it. We would not have this opportunity to make such a major difference, without all of your energy and commitment. Literally hundreds of you have stood up and participated! When I said that I couldn’t finish this alone- I also meant it. I am an independent person and I strive to do as much as possible on my own. Up to this point, I’ve strongly resisted asking anyone for assistance. Yet, I need to be realistic. I realize that this fight has the potential to change so many lives- for the better! Literally…change lives…both human and animal. I cannot allow my stubbornness to risk that. My desire to move forward, fight and stop the suffering has forced me to put my pride in check and ask for your help.

I am a social worker both by nature and profession. I love what I do and I am incredibly happy with my work- but I am in no way wealthy or well-funded. Though I am blessed to have created a life that makes me happy, unfortunately it’s also a lifestyle that doesn’t afford me the luxury of independently fighting this issue. It’s been difficult for me to do this alone. Right now, after spending a few thousand dollars, I’ve been financially funding this fight. In order to continue- I’m asking for your help, this community’s help. This movement and the amazing people involved- are fighting for the puppies, the puppy mill parents, for me, for you and for every soul ever hurt by this place.

The Perfect Puppy is targeting me because I’ve prevented them from targeting anyone else. It’s that’s symbolic. Mr. Bergantino intends to make an example out of me- “I don’t make threats- I make promises. Don’t mess with my business”. Hurting me will send that message- loud and clear…and I refuse to be used as a tool to scare others. Since the beginning, thousands of people have used their energy to comment, participate, share, sign and send incredibly inspiring messages of support. The Petition has 1,133 signatures and comments. The Page reached 15,340 people this week! All of that energy has multiplied, becoming a real force to be reckoned with! Perfect Puppy doesn’t realize what they’ve gotten themselves into…

No matter what happens…moving forward is the right thing to do. I know it in my soul. I will always be able to look myself in the mirror and say I did everything in my power to make a difference. I know I am not alone…There are hundreds, maybe thousands of people standing by my side. The use of threats and intimidation only strengthen our resolve to stand firm. We stand for victims. These are hundreds of real experiences, real people and really sick puppies. We are their voice! These are living, breathing beings, not a profit source.

Support the Fight to Stop the Perfect Puppy Pet Store


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In memory of my Puppy Mill Dog Riley 2 years ago

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