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Education Transformation - Through Boys Transitioning, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, Dr. H.E. Holliday is committed to identifying many of the academic, physical, emotional, and psychological transitions boys must navigate during their formative years by suggesting new strategies to assist boys in negotiating these radically different stages in life. Tax ID 46-4797190


One of America's greatest current challenges is reversing the steep decline in the intellectual performance of our youth enrolled in public schools. With our boys, there must be a clear understanding of the crisis they are facing, how multiple factors converge in replicating their crises, and what each of us can do to begin to intervene. In the discovery of strategies, we can all participate in the solution.

"Doc" Holliday has been a building principal for more than four decades in Ohio and Georgia at the middle- and high-school levels. His schools have long been characterized and recognized for exceeding academic expectations because of his willingness to take acceptable risk, his sensible and savvy leadership talents, and his success as a change agent. He earned his Ph.D. in educational leadership from Ohio State University, where he was selected by his professors as the top scholar in his class.