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Serving Southeast Nashville with food support and educational classes, including English Every Day, our new Intensive English program for immigrants. Tax ID 46-3153789


The Branch of Nashville, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization which operates at 2620 Una Antioch Pike in Antioch, TN.  We operate a Food Pantry and provide English classes, including our new Intensive English program, English Every Day developed by Lisa Steele.  We try to support our guests by providing assistance with job information and other resources that may benefit them.

The founding Directors of The Branch worked in the community during the Flood of 2010. Liz Minor managed food distribution to hundreds of families and volunteers in those difficult days and months which followed that event. Melissa Thomas directed the clean-out, repair, and recovery of many homes in the Southeast Nashville area. The non-profit, Southeast Nashville Recovery was a partnership of many churches, businesses and organizations who worked together to complete the work needed in our area. After managing the repairs in Southeast Nashville, we were asked to assist in other areas of town. With a team of skilled construction managers, SNR oversaw the completion of 312 homes and closed it's operation in August of 2012.

After working in the neighborhoods for two years, Liz and Melissa began to work toward a new organization that would meet unmet needs in Southeast Nashville. Surveys sent out to area partners, indicated a real need for a good food pantry. In April of 2013, The Branch of Nashville opened it's doors to serve families who were struggling to survive.  Since our opening two years ago, we have served over 5000 different families with food support. That equates to at least 20,000 individuals. Guests are allowed to come once per month as needed. We currently serve 300 families (about 1500 individuals) per month.

Our goal will always be to help our guests get on their feet and become self-sufficient. We recognized early on that our guests were mostly UNDER-employed. So we opened English classes to address ways to help them become more able to get good employment. We offer daily and nightly English classes. This September we will launch English Every Day, an intensive program for immigrants and refugees that will meet for three months, five days a week, four hours a day.  

We recognize the value of teamwork and partnership. We recognize that most people want to help others who are having a hard time. So we work to provide bridges between businesses and organizations that allow them to serve our neighbors in times of need. Our partnerships are invaluable. Churches, businesses, schools, and others work hand in hand to bring this transformation. Making the world better, starts right in front of us. Helping our children to have enough food, providing opportunities to their parents to be successful, and learning to love each other well - will make our neighborhoods better. Making our neighborhood better, affects the neighborhood next to us and the one next to that and so on.

Bringing Hope and Light changes the world.