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Brandao Vendrell Foundation Brasil

Brandao Vendrell Foundation Brasil Photo

The Story

This is a project dedicated to financing of two shelters in Minas de Gerais, Brazil. For many years it has provided the necessary food and hygiene conditions so that over 35 marginalized children can study and have better opportunities that will distance them from the violence and extreme poverty conditions that they face in their family environment. The children live with their families but thanks to the Rita Brandão - Luis Vendrell Foundation they have a place where love and stability encourage education, allowing them to integrate themselves in society with more favourable conditions.

Now our goal is to buy a house next to the existing one for we keep the children living on the Foundation until they are 18 years old. 

At the foundation the kids have:

- Home

- Medical assistance

- Psicologist assistance

- Dental  assistance

- Food 

- School 

- English Course

- Computer Course

- Organic Agriclture

- Different courses  for children to learn a future profession.