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CROWDRISE : Oct 25, 2014
Tax ID: 47-1066145
BASED: Conyngham, PA, United States



HOME NEEDED: From Foster to Forever

Help us purchase this grand home to allow foster children to visit at anytime while in care and be able to "shop" for new items and be provided services free of charge- think art lessons, vocal lessons, equestrian lessons...anything and everything a child deserves! We are working to redefine society's misperception of foster children and at the same time provide them a safety net to rebuild their identities and create self-worth! We also encourage people to adopt children who are languishing in the foster care system. There are 400,000 children in foster care in US, 100,000 are ready to be adopted! "We are helping children in need- together! "

Mission: We encourage adoption from foster care! We improve the lives of foster children! We remove barriers experienced by foster children- both recently placed and those aging out! foster 

What we do!

  • Mentoring People Interested in Adoption- every act performed by the founders of BFH is with one goal in mind: encouraging others to reach out and adopt a child from foster care. BFH mentors individuals from all corners of the country throughout their journey and removing every obstacle along the way.
  • Help Santa Deliver Toys- providing foster children the best of the best from Santa!
  • Televised Show "Care for Kids"-BFH partnered with SSPTV to showcase children in need of forever homes. It also answers the many answers raised by people curious about the process.
  • Operation Duffle Bag- We partner with companies and people to end the national problem of child welfare agencies providing garbage bags to move their belongings! We are working nationally to stop the practice!
  • Rest in Peace Program- this program was spearheaded to ensure that every child that tragically passed away while in foster care has a proper grave marker or burial stone to ensure that they will never be forgotten! BFH partners with monument companies to locate every child who died while in foster care and receives a proper monument on their unmarked graves. 


Tax ID: 47-1066145 •

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HOME: From Foster to Forever

HOME: From Foster to Forever

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