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Brantley Kate's Runners 2013

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EVENT DATE: Feb 17, 2013

Tiffany Polmatier


Ashley Moellinger wrote -

It's hard to believe that it has been three years since Brantley Kate was born. I can still remember those initial months, the fear, the sense of loss of my "perfect little girl" and uncertainty about her future.  I began to see people with Down Syndrome everywhere after she came into our lives. It's funny, I'm sure they have been there all along but now I was noticing them because of my new connection. Some people I saw seemed to be pretty high functioning but there were others that were extremely delayed. I always heard after her birth that the more intervention she receives the more she will give back to us.


    We are so fortunate to have The Bell Center here in our community to offer Early Intervention to children with special needs. I truly believe that it is with the help of them that Brantley Kate is where she is today. Their offerings began just when she was 1 month old and suddenly unable to feed with a bottle due to severe reflux and poor coordination. We had to resort to tube feeds for a period of time and our gastroenterologist was ready to take her to surgery for a more permanent tube. The Bell Center taught us how to feed her and she learned over the next week, avoiding a surgery for tube placement. For that, I am forever thankful to them. They have offered so much education to our family which has empowered us with the ability to help her. They have also provided her with countless hours of early intervention which I believe has contributed to her high level of functioning today. She recently started in the preschool and did not qualify for physical therapy or occupational therapy because she has done so well.


     She has given us more than we ever imagined! She can work the I-pad and I-phone as well as any of us. She is a lover of music and dance and makes a grand appearance and show anytime there is music playing. That also goes for anywhere we are! She does not hesitate to boogie down! She LOVES to talk on the phone and she is just now really starting to talk!! We have always done sign language and I have wondered if her words will ever come. They are coming and fast. I can imagine a day in the near future that I will be praying for silence instead of more words :). Brantley Kate is incredible social, she loves a party. She is also incredibly affectionate. She has a smile that somehow shows her soul, pure and loving. She steals the hearts of everyone she comes into contact with! She is teaching us to love the way she does, without judgement and always full hearted.


     Three years ago I had it so wrong. I do have my perfect little girl! If I had known then what I know now I would have been filled with excitement on the day we found out. If I could go back a change her I would never do it! God has blessed us with her and we are fortunate for that!! Now I share it with everyone I can... Down syndrome is not a horrible curse. It is a fantastic blessing, a wonderful gift!!


Every year we participate in the Mercedes Marathon to help raise money for The Bell Center and every year I send you an email similar to this one asking for money. Brantley Kate will graduate from the Bell Center this year. It will be a bitter sweet moment. We will miss our Bell Center family but we know it is time for us to move on. Please help us raise money so they can continue to help other children in our area. Any amount will be greatly appreciated! Last year our team was able to raise $7000. We want to exceed that amount this year!

Thank you and God Bless!


The Moellinger Family and Team


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