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CROWDRISE : Apr 02, 2015
Tax ID: 27-0660252
BASED: St Charles, IL, United States




To help save the lives of children with cancer by providing guidance coupled with financial and emotional support enabling families dealing with a pediatric cancer crisis to tap into lifesaving medical breakthroughs available but not always accessible due to finances or logistics.

The Urgent Why

The devastating impact on the family when a child is diagnosed with Pediatric Cancer is beyond calculation.  

Jeremy and Amy the founders of BraveHearts for Kids have spoken often on how blessed they have been to have an emotionally supportive family and an extended community of supporters throughout Ava’s treatment, recovery, and therapy.  But even so, the emotional, social and financial toll deeply impacted their entire family in ways that others who have not shared a similar crisis cannot fully understand.

Their experience created a deep concern and desire to help other parents faced with hearing those dreadful words, “Your Child has Cancer”.   Every week the families of about 300 children are given this news just here in the United States.

Although quick to count their blessings; no couple is more aware of the facts or that the trail of devastation caused by Pediatric Cancer is not easily recovered from. To that end, Jeremy and Amy now pour their passion into helping others who must traverse this unimaginable road.

The How and What

BraveHearts for Kids was conceived as a plan to make a life and death difference for a child diagnosed with cancer.

Starting from Jeremy and Amy’s deep desire to make a profound contribution; the “HOW” started taking shape, and has grown into twin branches that form the core services BraveHearts provides:

        (1) One-On-One Mentoring by others that have survived a similar ordeal.

        (2) Medical and Financial Grants to families touched by Pediatric Cancer

Both programs are intertwined in a way to provide emotional, social, and financial support that in the end will make all the difference in the odds of the child living and continuing onto a life full of promise.

The Driving Force 

Jeremy and Amy had the best possible circumstances surrounding their worst possible nightmare. Today their little Ava thrives.  Viewing the videos and hearing  their story; it’s clear Ava is a walking miracle.

BraveHearts for Kids allows us to join forces with Amy and Jeremy, and we are determined to make outstanding recoveries like Ava’s a real possibility for families touched by pediatric cancer regardless of their circumstance. The diagnosis of a child with cancer is often at a time when the family is just starting out — Young, having limited income, with other small children to care for.  Many times one parent has to stop working to care for their sick child. Many times there is only one parent.

Join the BraveHearts Brigade

Find what level of contribution works for you, and Become a BraveHeart for someone. There are a number of ways you can get involved:

           1. Help us spread-the-word so that families facing a Pediatric Cancer Crisis can find us.

           2. Volunteer on one of many project opportunities.

           3. We are able to accept donations in many forms both including non-cash items such as vehicles, real estate, and stock.


When you help save the life of one child hit by cancer, what is that worth?

To the family, priceless! To a BraveHeart, that why we exist.

Tax ID: 27-0660252 •


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