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“Give US Choices” for breast cancer treatment and prevention.Breast Wishes Fund focuses on providing tools for individuals and families, locally and nationally, to inspire them to a happier and healthier quality of life. Breast Wishes Fund is an online and community movement to navigate treatment choices for those diagnosed with breast cancer, the recurrence community, their families, prevention of disease and feeling great now. BWF supports people in making health decisions from a place of knowledge by offering concise information and events about immune enhancing and cancer reducing options. Tax ID 27-2431349


Breast Wishes Fund provides:

  • In person, phone and email cancer diagnosis support
  • AIM @ Wellness prevention program for students and adults
  • Treatment Fund for uninsured cancer choices
  • Website with choices for cancer therapies beyond standard of care
  • Directory of health care professionals including international Advisory Board
  • Newsletter with cutting edge therapy news, blog and original short films
  • Ethical partnerships