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On Sunday, September 25th I will be walking in the Breathe Deep Philadelphia walk:  A walk to fund lung cancer research.  Proceeds from this event will benefit LUNGevity Foundation, the leading private provider of research funding for lung cancer. Every dollar LUNGevity contributes to lung cancer research is doubled. 

In 2009 between August and December, I lost both my sister Shelly and my mother to lung cancer.  Needless to say this was devestating to not only myself but my family as well.

My sister Shelly had been battling lung cancer for almost 5 years.  She was a three time survivor of this horrible disease and will always remain an inspiration to myself and the many people she touched throughout her life, not only for how she took on the fight but for the many other ways she overcame the many challanges life presented her.  Shelly had a never give up attitude and in my opinion, holds the title 'Toughest Person ever'.  Even after numerous radiation & chemotherapy treatments and an exhausting amount of medications to combat the cancer, she remained strong to the very end.   She too young at the age of 52.

Mom was diagnosed with Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma (BAC) in 2004.  The doctors felt that due to my mothers age and cell regeneration, the slow moving nature of BAC and the fact that she was showing very little symptoms indicating any real progress of the disease that she would live a long life and that BAC would never truly affect her life and quality of it.  Overall the illness sat dormant unti,l we beleive, she was given a hormone treatment that brought somehow forced the cancer out. BAC has sometimes been called the ?mystery? lung cancer. Accounting for 2% to 14% of all lung cancers, less is known about this type of cancer than other non-small cell lung cancers.  BAC is more likely to affect non-smokers, women, and Asians (especially eastern Asians) than other forms of lung cancer. Its incidence appears to be increasing, especially among younger non-smoking women.  The World Health Organization has classified BAC as a type of adenocarcinoma, a form of lung cancer that is more common in NON-SMOKERS.  BAC rapidly spread throughout my mothers body.  So rapidly in fact she just never had a chance...within months of diagnosis my family, and this world, lost an amazing woman. 

Due to Shelly being so sick at the time and also having 'shingles', she was unable to even visit my mother in her final days.  She was also unable to attend my mothers funeral as she was back in the hospital (the same hospital my mother passed in) at the time.  The sadness I experienced could never match hers and yet she continued her fight for another 4 1/2 months until it just became too much.  Since my mothers passing I have met two other people that have been diagnosed with BAC, so this year I am also raising funds for their cure as well.

Lung Cancer is the deadliest cancer taking more lives than Breast, Prostate and Colon Cancer combined, yet it is the lowest funded cancer primarily because of the stigma attached as being a smokers disease which it is not.  Defense Appropriations Act commits $127.5M to breast cancer programs, $80M for prostate cancer programs, $10M for ovarian cancer programs, and $0 for lung cancer programs.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please join me in my efforts to help find a cure for lung cancer, the leading cancer killer! Your support can come in the form of a donation (no matter how samll it all helps) or just come and walk with me and help me raise funds.  I know times are really tough right now but anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated...And I mean ANYTHING.  If all my friends donate just $5.00 I would surpass my goal easily.


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