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Advancing fetal therapy options, specifically around fetal lung therapies that can help babies with fetal hydrops. Tax ID 45-5471712


The specific purpose for which this Foundation was formed is to raise, receive, maintain and manage funds to (i) support and fund health/medical research for the care and treatment of children, specializing in the area(s) of fetal medicine, and (ii) otherwise support activities devoted to the care and treatment of children. This Corporation shall meet its obligations directly by actively carrying out its purposes or indirectly by contributing to organizations duly authorized to carry on such activities.

 The Foundation was formed in memory/honor of the daughter of the principal directors, who passed away from Hydrops fetalis (fetal hydrops) in March, 2012. The foundation will distribute funds to deserving 501c3 foundations/organizations supporting fetal/pediatric medical research and treatment. An emphasis will be placed on research in the field of Hydrops fetalis (fetal hydrops), although any aspect of children's health may be supported. Recipient organizations will be selected on their history of producing meaningful research results and developments in the care and treatment of children and on their efficient use of funds.