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Brian Stevens' Fundraiser:

Brian's Financial Recovery Fundraiser

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EVENT DATE: Sep 09, 2015

Brian Stevens



My name is Brian. I am a disabled senior citizen. I am disabled because of various neurological and other brain illnesses. I have been this way for several years. Because of this illness I have very little short term memory, I have seizures, become unconscious with warning, fall a lot hurting myself.

I cannot remember conversations, what day of the week, where I am at times. Because of this I can only go into public with a private pay medical aide and driver as I cannot drive anymore. Because of the debilitating illnesses I have to utilize medical aides to check on me several times a day to be sure I have injured myself and have taken my latest dose of medication which I have to take at 4 different times during each day all private pay. Because of all this I have several people regularly coming into my apartment. I also cannot manage my own bills so I pay a company to do it for me. For this reason I am not able to regularly check my credit report or changes and payment on medical bills, credit card statements and any other financial transactions going on in my name.

Due to this a person or persons got access to my credit information, social security number, passwords, etc.. They used this to open new loans, credit cards, maxed out several of my existing credit cards. By the time finally found out it was too late after the time when I could get the money back easily dispute the charges. So now I am stuck with all this debt , in the tens of thousands of dollars, of which I cannot possibly pay even for the rest of my life. This has ruined my credit score.

I have two children in college I am not able to help anymore. If you are a parent you know how bad I feel having to stop supporting my precious children.

I now have a financial manager who meets with me twice a month where we are reviewing all charges or transactions taken in my name. She also had a credit freeze put on my credit report. Lastly I now have a credit monitoring program. This is to make sure this will not happen again So if you can help me in any way please help me. I don't want the rest of my life with this hanging over my head. Thank you.

Thank you Brian



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