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Bring Betty Holder Home

Organized by: Crystal Cope

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My Grandmother, Betty Holder, has been in and out of hospital since April 2015. She was originally in for a cracked knee cap. She went to rehab, got out and a month later (July) the EMS had to come get her because she had sprained her ankle from a fall. In the process of trying to get her to the vehicle to take her to the hospital, they "ripped" her foot back breaking it into at the ankle allowing the broken bones to penetrate through the skin,which ripped the foot back (almost completely off). She had to have 3 surgeries, was in the hospital 2 weeks, then rehab for 5 months. During this time frame she was bedridden for 4 months because her foot/ankle was in a fixator which did not allow any pressure on it. She got out of rehab the weekend before Christmas 2015. We celebrated her 80th birthday Feb. 20 (birthday was Feb. 23) and on Feb. 28, 2016 she ended up at the hospital again with fluid overload and in complete kidney failure. She has congestive heart failure and COPD and after being bedridden for so long, it made her entire body/system weaker. The nephrologist that was on call when she was admitted tried diuretics to remove the fluid but it did not work so the only other way to remove it was to start dialysis. After a week, she started the dialysis but due to so much fluid in stomach area, it caused reflux, therefore when she ate she would aspirate due to fluid and reflux and that in return caused pneauminia. She was critical and in ICU for over 2 weeks. They did dialysis 6 days a week trying to remove fluid. When she was admitted she weighed 276. They got her down to 225 in ICU. She was then moved to another floor. A couple weeks later they were going to discharge her. While waiting for my Aunt to get there from work to take her home, she pulled her perma cath out. (Cath for dialysis that has to stay in until fitsula is put in ...6 months). Due to this she could not be discharged because they were going to need to put another one in so she could continue to receive her dialysis. After having it replaced she had some issues with her breathing so they didn't discharge her right away. She continued dialysis and we all started noticing her hands, legs, feet...all over.. Swelling like balloons AFTER dialysis. Common sense tells one this is not normal. The hospital wanted to discharge and my Aunt was going to dispute the discharge. Something wasn't right. The hospitalist (Dr) got upset about the disputing discharge. My aunt called in patient care advocacy and they called in risk management. My aunt asked the nurse that evening to please write down get weights from day one. She discovered right after my grandmother came out if ICU that her weight started increasing. EVERY DAY she weighed more and it just kept going up.  She now weighed 288.  After investigating this,we found that the nephrologist had been doing dialysis for 5 weeks and sometimes 6 days a week to get fluid off, BUT did not put her on any kind of renal diet or fluid restrictions. They were allowing her to eat foods with sodium and drink as much tea, water and eat ice all she wanted. My aunt approached patient care advocacy to what was found and they said my grandmother didn't need to go anywhere until they got the fluid off again. The sad part is this should have ever happened, but my aunt and mother made numerous attempts to get the nephrologist to talk to them, but it was like he was avoiding them. He made the connent the first day of Grandmother's dialysis that if it were his mother, he would not be doing that to her, so it was like he was intentionally avoiding them and allowing fluid to build up. Because my aunt disputed this discharge, the hospitalist on duty decided to contact DSS adult protection services to try and said that nobody was wanting to come pick her up and take her home. This was so far from the truth... They were only trying to be her voice and make sure that she was taken care of and the fluid was gotten off of her before going home. In fact she even had a UTI that they had yet to diagnose. Now, DSS in Moore County has set a hearing date of May 31st 2016 to determine if my grandmother is incompetent and has assigned a guardian ad litum to her in which they can decide to put her in a skilled Care Facility if they choose to do so. My grandmother is terrified of those places due to the treatment she got from the one she was in fur 5 months.  My aunt has all the equipment at home to care fur get, transportation to and from dialysis and 24/7 assistance/care lined up.  My grandmother is begging to come home, but the hospital will no release her until this hearing for incompetence and guardianship takes place.  

In order for my aunt to obtain guardianship of my grandmother, she needs to hire an attorney so that her petition for guardianship can be filed. She needs to hire the attorney.  She is trying her best to do this on her own, but having been out of work and staying with my grandmother has put a hardship on her. She needs all the help we can give her.  

Anything, even if only $5 is greatly appreciated and will help!

Thank you and God Bless! 





Organized by

Crystal Cope

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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Crystal is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Bring Betty Holder Home.

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