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Bring hope to Rural Nicaragua

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Nicaragua is a country in Central America that has the second lowest level of education in America and is the 2nd poorest country in the Western Hemisphere . The country does not have funds to build roads everywhere they are needed at once, they must be prioritized, and rural areas are rarely at the top of the list.

Teachers’ daily commute will continue to be difficult in rural areas for many years to come. Likewise, books are expensive to print and the weather conditions make it hard to keep them in good condition. Humidity and rain damage destroy paper quickly.

The government just doesn’t have the funds to keep up with the rate they are destroyed. The Ministry of Education is desperately trying to fix the problem by requiring teachers to do additional training seminars monthly, improving supervision at schools, and repairing failing infrastructure, but the results have been slow going.

Only 2% of rural students finish high school and enter college. More than 50% of the students in rural schools drop out of school right after they finish the 6th grade. There is no easy fix for the current situation.

We are well versed in the problems that rural schools face on a daily bases. They don’t have books, qualified teachers, discipline programs, or offer a product that motivates parents to send children to school.

For those reasons, we decided to launch a Blended Learning Program (CREA) in a rural community named El Transito last year. Our goals in developing this program are to improve student's achievement, create better learning environments for the students and teachers, increase high school graduation rates and university acceptance and degree completion rates.

Having access to good quality education is key to make a positive change in this country and in the world. 132 students participated in the pilot program last year and almost 200 students are participating this year.

Students in the program performed 55% and 23% better in Math and Reading Standardized Tests respectively after 6 months. Students in the program are now one grade ahead in average in comparison with their peers.

Most of the students are usually 2-3 grades behind in rural schools. Being able to improve child’s performance by one year is very encouraging, and we are confident that with continued and expanded deployment, we could remediate and even advance the average student in Nicaragua in the next two years.

We also believe that going forward, we could totally resolve the issues causing students to perform below grade level and produce high school graduates ready for University level work. We are looking for funds to sponsor 100 new students.

You can help by donating to our cause, every dollar worth.

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