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Bring Back Dueling for Stand Your Ground!

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In this era of partisanship, I came up with a way to settle the Stand Your Ground debate in a way that will appease both sides of this issue! Those on the left feel that the SYG laws pose a threat to pubic safety, especially the safety of a certain segment of the population. Those on the right have instituted these SYG laws as their solution for greater public safety.

My solution is to collect $500,000 in donations to give to the survivor of a duel in a SYG state. The two volunteers must agree to duel in a safe area away from innocent bystanders. They must also duel fairly using rules that conform as much as possible to standard dueling norms. The duel must be to the death (as the SYG defense mostly works when a fatality occurs)!

The SYG laws should protect the surviving participant, but most importantly it would:

- for the right, provide the template for modifying the SYG law to include this civilized way of conflict resolution. Actual "safe dueling zones" could be set up in every community therefore incouraging safe(er) gun play.

- for the left, this would illustrate the outright absurdity of SYG laws. The survivor of this duel could be protected under SYG by arguing that he/she felt threat of harm and or bodily injury when he/she saw his/her opponent draw their gun!



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