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Bringing light to rural Kenya

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In January 2012, 25 families received solar lamps and are reaping the enormous benefits. I left Kenya with so much demand for more solar lamps, I decided to come onto Kickstarter and see we can DOUBLE our impact--to provide at least 50 more families living in rural areas with solar energy by July 2012.

This is not charity, and by no means does this project imply give aways that only last a few months or even years.

This is an innovative and creative way to combat the harmful effects of kerosene while giving family's a head start on their education and income. The solar lamps not only provide light but also charge cell phones, and people no longer need to buy kerosene or pay a shop to charge their phones (almost everyone in these rural areas has a cell phone). Because people no longer need to pay the expensive fee for kerosene or charging their cell phone, they are able to put away a small amount of that money they would have spent and put it toward more solar lamps, school fees, and other necessities. In addition to that, the lamps actually increase people's income because they are able to provide an outlet to charge their neighbor's phone at a discounting price. The benefits are endless, the effects are sustainable, and the reward is individual and community empowerment toward investing in rural areas in Coastal Kenya.

Lets do this!!



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Sonia is working on selecting a charity so you can support Bringing light to rural Kenya.