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Bringing Montez Home

Organized by: Montez Bethea

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Hi my name is Ashley Williams and I am reaching out to the world for help to raise money for an attorney for a very close friend of mine name Montez Bethea. He was wrongfully convicted of two counts of murder, all on one man’s word. However I have proof that the prosecutor star witness took the stand and lied on Montez. I’ve spoke to numerous appeal attorneys and they all said that with the proof I have, along with the other issues they can have Montez sentence over turned. However they won’t lift a finger until I come up with the money to pay them. I have to be honest with you all Montez definitely wasn’t an angel, but I know for a fact he isn’t a murderer. So I would like for you all to read what led up to his arrest and conviction and I’ll let you all be the judge and jury. This story has a lot of twist and turns, but it’s worth reading. Please read with an open mind and if his story touches you like it touch me, please be compel to donate what you can. My goal is to get him back to his family were he belongs…….. On December 8, 2010 Montez was walking down Ridge Avenue coming from seeing his mother, on his way to see his cousin baby which she just had a few months prior to this incident. When he got to ridge and master a white Cadillac pulled alongside of him, he couldn’t see in the car because the car had heavy tent. When the window came down, he notice it was his childhood friend that he haven’t seen in years. His childhood friend offered to drop him off at his destination. Montez took him up on his offer. When he got into the car it was two other males that was in the car with his friend, at that time Montez didn’t know the other two guys. They proceeded down Ridge Avenue and once they got to 24th and Ridge his childhood friend pulled over so the two guys that Montez didn’t know could run to the deli to grab a few things. Now as their sitting there talking a septa bus was coming down Ridge Avenue and where the car was parked at was where the septa bus would stop to let off and pick up passengers. So the driver which is Montez friend rolled the window down on the passenger side and yell to the other two guys to meet him on Judson St. So now it’s just Montez and his friend left in the car. (Montez is seated in the rear seat behind the passenger side) They proceeded to go down Ridge Avenue and they made a right on 25th street and went to make another right on Berks street. When they came into contact with another guy that Montez didn’t know at the time. His friend rolled down the driver side window(Please pay attention because this where things get tricky) and said to the guy that he had some weed for sale and the guy said he wanted to buy it, so his friend told him to get in. The guy got in the front passenger seat and they drove down Berks Street and made a right on Judson Street. They pulled over in front of Montez aunt house. Now what Montez didn’t know was that there was undercover cops at the bottom of Judson Street in a unmark car watching the block for other unrelated drug activities. Montez friend ask him to use his aunt house to weigh the weed that he was going to sale to the guy in the front seat. Against his better judgement he agreed to let him do it. His friend pop the trunk and told guy to grab the bag that was back there, while he retrieve the scale that was under the seat and all of them went into the house. (Now at this time the under covers that was at the bottom of Judson Street received a call over their radio to be on the lookout for three black males in a white Cadillac) once they was in the house Montez told them they could use the middle bedroom to conduct their business. While he stay down stairs and watch the baby while his cousin goes to the store. Remember the two guys that was originally in the car with his friend? Well they came to Judson Street, walked right past the undercovers at the bottom of Judson Street, found the car and called Montez friend to see what house they were in. Montez friend ask him could he let them in, Montez did, and one went upstairs to the middle room and came down with a white trash bag and they left out and got into the waiting car. Then Montez friend came down the stairs and sat down. (He had a duffle bag and a small pink bag, which Montez believe to be the scale at the time.) The friend said as soon as the other guys come back he would leave, (the original two) they had to drop something off around the corner, but what Montez didn’t know was that the undercovers had stop the original two guys and one of them ran and threw the bag. The cops had retrieved the bag and inside the bag was a camera, photo, a passport, as well as some marijuana, which all belong to the decedents in this case. They also stop the car that the other guy got into and found marijuana. Then without no search warrant they kicked into his aunt door and locked him up as well as his friend, and inside that pink bag was the guns that was involve in this crime. Now you would think that when somebody like the two original guys caught with items linking them to the crime, which they would get charged right? Nope!!! Not in this case. Well Montez friend decided that he would confess to the crime, but instead of implicating the culprits (the two original ones that were in the car when Montez just got in) He implicated Montez and the other guy that was picked up when he was taking Montez to his aunt house. The attorney that Montez had at the time did no investigation what so ever. While sitting in the county jail, Montez came into contact with two former inmates of his childhood friend and they both admitted that Montez’s friend had told them that Montez and the other guy really wasn’t the one with him during the time that the incident had took place. Montez informed his lawyer, but the lawyer never went to interview these witnesses nor did he try to prepare a defense, instead he just threw these witnesses on the stand without preparing a line of critical questions, so the whole thing was a mess. There was no blood on Montez clothes, no gun powder residue, nor was his finger prints on any of the weapons that were found, but the judge still found him and the other guy guilty and sentenced them to two consecutive life sentences. While the other guys walked away free. I did receive a letter from Montez childhood friend saying he was sorry for lying and he only implicated Montez because the cop kept saying his name and that was the only way he could get a deal. However he is willing to do whatever to make this right because he feel bad for lying on a friend that had nothing to do with it. I forward a copy of the letter to his attorney, but his attorney did nothing with the letter. What puzzles me about this situation is the courts held his friend testimony in such high regards that it convicted an innocent man. Question is will they hold what he is saying in high regards enough to undo what he done? That’s why I’m trying to raise money for an appeal lawyer, so we can bring everything to the light and get Montez home with his family. I am turning to you all for help. Please donate whatever you can. No donation is too small and thanks for taking the time out to read his story…………. Sincerely, A Real Friend


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