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Lucas Huisenga's Fundraiser:

Bring Steve P back to IC!

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Lucas Huisenga


After 30 years away out, out in Portland with the hippies, staying busy as a husband and a Dad, Steve P finally made plans to come back to Iowa City, to his alma mater, to reunite with Hawkeye brethren and celebrate their youth. Steve P had never minded too much that his life and family in Portland hadn't left a lot time for beer-drinking and back-slapping with his old college crew, but now that the opportunity had presented itself, he got really excited about seeing everyone again. He sent notes back and forth with his friends, made plans, and really started looking forward to all those plans coming together.
Then, last Friday afternoon in Iowa City, Homecoming Weekend, Steve P did himself up right in a coat and tie (he cleans up pretty nice), and had his brother-in-law drop him off to the Iowa Memorial Union ballroom. It was dark when he arrived. He waited around for an hour. No one came. Steve P had the wrong weekend. None of his friends were there. Steve P had come more than 1/2 way across the country, to reunite with his friends and celebrate their youth, and he had come three weeks too early.
Now it's to us, dear friends. To give this lovely man with a sad, sad, story a happy ending. Pitch in a few bucks and fly Steve P back to IC for his 30-Year Iowa Hawkeye Reunion.



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Lucas is working on selecting a charity so you can support Bring Steve P back to IC!.