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Chicago Adventure Therapy 13.1

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March 28, 2011

Here's the story! So once upon a time, I fell in love with giving. It began with whales, now I give to people, one adventure at a time.  See more


EVENT DATE: Aug 14, 2011

Brittany Barton


Once upon a time, I used to be a kid. As a kid, I wanted to save the world. By third grade, I worked with a campaign to save the whales. Little Ishtar, the humpback whale was freed. As I grew older, my passion continued. I took trips around the country to see the world. Honduras was my first stop. I met little children who had no mommies and daddies and became their friend. We kept in touch, wrote letters, and I helped send them to school. Little Yosalin is now in high school. Today, I am taking on a new challenge, that involves not only me, but you too. This challenge is called running. No, no, no! You don't run, silly! I do! (but you can run if you want to). 

I run and you give.

I run so that I improve my health and encourage those around me to do the same. I run so that the youth of my city can enter into a safer environment. I run to prevent gang violence, bullying, and improve confidence and determination in today's youth. I run so that Chicago Adventure Therapy (CAT), the only urban wilderness therapeutic program in the U.S., can provide at-risk youth with opportunity, courage, and hope. I run for my youth at Teen Living Programs in Chicago, IL, a transitional living facility for homeless and runaway youth looking for hope. I run because I can. 

Why should you give, you ask? Your generosity can take one adolescent off the street and put them into a program that gives them with the chance to see a life outside of their natural environment. Your gift will provide an outlet to those who feel as though they have none. Your donation allows CAT to operate a program that not only improves the lives of the youth they directly serve, but improves the quality of life for us all. What would a day look like without violence? Have you ever turned on the news and not found another life taken from a gun? Imagine if we could watch these same youth learning to kayak in Lake Michigan, snow sledding, or learning to climb the world's tallest mountain. With your generosity, CAT will have the opportunity to transform lives of hopelessness into opportunities of hope. 

For my 13.1, Help me to raise $1,310.00 by August 1 (that's $100.00/mile), and your wish is my command! 

Peace to  you all. 


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