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Brogan's Animal Rescue

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Laura Hanna wrote -

I’m eight years old and my name is Brogan. I have a big passion for animals. I think that humans are very lucky and that they should think about what animals feel like. Wild animals don’t have as much food as we do. They don’t have clothes. They don’t have nice insulated houses, TV’s, or phones and many other things. I think humans use too much of the world for their own stuff and many animals are struggling because their habitats are disappearing and people pollute too much. I also think that most people who are also passionate about animals, only like the cute and cuddly animals. I love them all, including the slimy, wet ones like frogs, toads, snakes, and turtles. I would like it if you would donate money to this site for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. They do great things for the animals of the world. I think that if we all donated money it would make a big difference for the animals. Thank you so much for helping me save animals!

That was Brogan, in his own words.  This campaign was inspired by him, my 8 year old son. He has always had a very strong, and unique, love for animals. Yep, that's him in the pictures with a toad on his head and frog in his hand.  He feels the weight of the world on his shoulders as he desperately wants to be actively “saving” the animals of the world. He has offered his time and energy to local animal facilities but has always been told that he is “too young” to volunteer. This has left him feeling helpless. We, as a family, have created homemade dog/cat toys and donated them to our local animal shelter. With friends, we have also hosted a table at our local farmer’s market to give away (in exchange for donations) homemade greeting cards and magnets. The group was able to donate all of the money raised to an animal conservation organization. Recently, he has been talking about wanting to do something on his own and on a bigger scale.   Thanks for helping!



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