Broken Chains

Organized by: Colton Rosenbusch

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This fundraiser is to help everyone on their journey to seek out the good in communities worldwide and help to start up missions in the united states as well as other countries. The ultimate goal is to be informational, informative, and provide our brothers, sisters, and families the opportunities to devote all of their time to the lord. Doing so in the world of which we live today where money is a common denominator in foreign travel as well as many other aspects do in fact prevent personal interaction with people of such distance. All funds associated with this account will be managed entirely by those in faith of the lord and no funds will be used against Gods will. This is tragic age so essentially, we refuse to take it as such for the salt looks like thee pepper, the red to that of the blue. In turn the combination of both purple. The sovereign royalty and the color representing the man to whom which we owe our greatest debt. The Lord. By living in his name we must be faithful, prideful, and understand that we can not be stopped. Unity, harmony and faith will be the driving force and the building blocks to success. My father always told me if I got knocked down to get back up and try again. Familiar sound to some perhaps lyrics to a song. Our every thought, our every action, and our every move will be the future. If we condone the immoral acts of people who claim to rule our lives we can only assume that destiny is in their hands and not the Lords. The Lord will guide us to salvation. There is no smooth road to the future. FAITH in the Lord shall guide us to success. My father always told me if you get knocked down you have to get back up and try again. Failure is often a term used for such situation as so. However, the word failure is such a negative word it should be objectively destroyed for one that has faith in the Lord is not a failure. Positive things in motion remain in motion till acted upon by an outside force. Allowing negativity in your life is your choice and your choice only. We as the people owe it to our Lord in heaven to seek out the good in all of life and to drive the sin and negativity out. We also must keep forgiveness in our heart and allow those drowning in sin to change for they are struggling as well. Any man or woman better themselves in the name of the lord shall not be cast out as a failure for its our duty as the fishers of life to bring them to the light as any good fishers do. We are the all seeing, all knowing connecting dots to the universe in its entirety. Our father Lord in heaven knows no boundaries. We have got to live no matter how many sky's have fallen. God will not BUY you off, Gods word is fearless, for we all make sacrifices for the greater good, God loves everyone, God will lead you down the path blindly to some who play with faith. Have faith and you will be blind no longer. Stand up and rejoice. Everything happens for a reason it is not merely a coincidence. One thing I know is that God made it clear that his words, my words, and my faith cannot be stolen from me.


Organized by

Colton Rosenbusch

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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