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Here are a few of actionable hints for distribution centers to drive productivity gains with ergonomics:



• Review worker tasks for risk factors (difficult/static positions, persistent/swift motions, excessive force, compression or contact stress, etc.) • Comprehend how to make the workplace work ergonomically (dilemmas frequently encountered include work surfaces that are the wrong size or at the wrong height, uncomfortable chairs, shelves and bins that are too high or out of reach, and clumsy hand tools) • Continuously make ergonomic improvements as essential and monitor workflow


Decreased Travel Time While workers are standing in place besides making ergonomic corrections to workstations, it’s additionally essential to factor in how much a worker has to move around the warehouse in order to perform undertakings that are industrial.


Let’s choose order deciding, by way of example.


In a warehousing or distribution business, the common working concept is “man-to-goods” order picking, which means that order pickers go to storage places, often pushing or pulling carts and reading orders off paper.


Automated solutions (automated storage and retrieval, robotic picking systems, etc.) and manual systems (carton and gravity flow systems, pallet flow systems, etc.) can help to make precision and productivity developments in these instances.


Ergonomic alternatives are the consequence of executing the automated or manual systems listed above. Gravity and carton flow systems, for example, install easily into existing pallet racks, helping to create ergonomic workstations perfect for picking, assembly, or line side storage.


Improved Space Usage Ergonomics may not have been a prime plant design thought in the past, but today’s consumer-driven marketplace demands that supply facilities work as efficiently and productively as possible.


Proper space use is of special significance during the holidays, the most active time of year for retailers. “distribution operations must be in high performance mode and prepared to manage peak volumes.” as said in an earlier UNEX site post


By understanding the way that ledges and space are being used, UNEX notes, facilities can ascertain how best to maximize warehouse efficiency: “The placement of shelves and containers, alongside the traffic patterns and absolute design of the building, ultimately impacts the skill for [facilities] to use any space available.”


Beyond merchandise storage, an in-depth look at space usage can also help warehouses design the workstation most efficiently for workers. Reduce twisting, the idea is to minimize reach, and prevent long periods of standing in one position so that workers won’t must take steps to reach merchandise or stuff.


Final Thoughts In the distribution center, ergonomics isn’t only recommended for longevity and worker health: It’s additionally crucial to driving productivity in the warehouse.

How does your company view the connection between ergonomics & productivity?



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