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My 23rd Birthday!

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January 03, 2012

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Brigitte Sherman


Hey everyone!

This year for my birthday (January 25th) I decided to raise some money for United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) organization. More specifically, I’m looking to raise money that will go towards UCP's technology and innovation programs and the UCP of Greater Cincinnati's programs.

Technology can be big--an automated lift for van or bath or small--a Velcro-attached grip for a fork or a pen. It can be new-age interactive voice activated software for speech therapy or a wheelchair. It can be high-tech--a computer screen operated by eye movement-or low-tech--a specially-designed door handle for people with muscle strength or dexterity problems.

Technology can be a substitute such as an alternative augmentative communication device that provides vocal output for a child who cannot communicate with her voice. This means that a child who cannot speak can push a button and ask her mom for an apple. Or tell her sister her new dress is pretty. It means a child in school can ask questions of his teacher or talk with her friends. It means a worker can converse with others in his office.

Please help me by donating (via this site or the UCP site) or by raising awareness for this cause.



About UCP

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) educates, advocates, and provides support services to ensure a life without limits for people with a spectrum of disabilities. (More than 65% of people served by UCP have disabilities other than cerebral palsy, including Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, physical disabilities and traumatic brain injury.)

UCP and its nearly 100 affiliates have a mission to advance the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with a spectrum of disabilities by providing services and support to more than 176,000 children and adults every day—one person at a time, one family at a time. UCP works to enact real change—to revolutionize care, raise standards of living and create opportunities—impacting the lives of millions living with disabilities. For more than 60 years, UCP has worked to ensure the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in every facet of society.  Together, with parents and caregivers, UCP will continue to push for the social, legal and technological changes that increase accessibility and independence, allowing people with disabilities to dream their own dreams, for the next 60 years, and beyond.

UCP consistently is rated as one of the most financially responsible charities, with 85 cents of every dollar spent directly on local programs and services.

It’s About Today and Tomorrow

By harnessing innovation—from adaptive technologies to the ingenuity and pioneering spirit of our affiliates—UCP is advancing independence and productivity for people with disabilities.

UCP strives to build a better world for tomorrow, today.

The backbone of UCP is the services provided by our affiliates, including housing, therapy, assistive technology training, early intervention programs, individual and family support, social and recreation programs, community living, state and local referrals, employment assistance and advocacy.

Moving forward, UCP will continue to advance independence by making cutting edge, life changing technologies accessible and affordable.

One of UCP’s Technology and Innovation Programs

Life Labs

Life Labs is a new research and development center to tackle problems facing people with disabilities by creating technology based solutions that are cost-effective, replicable and lend themselves to dynamic partnership with business, academia, “do it yourselfers” and technologists. Modeled after the successful live-over-the-web prototyping and experimenting of others such as Google Labs and Sunlight Labs, Life Labs organizes various paid and visiting technology fellows to collaborate on tough problems that can yield to technology innovation. Because the aim is to directly improve individuals' lives and increase their access to the wider world and marketplace, Life Labs does not restrict itself to websites, but additionally explores the world of increasingly affordable hardware hacking (physical computing), mobile devices and desktop fabrication. Life Labs Fellows conduct their work open source, making it openly available for re-use by other individuals, hackers, non-profits, businesses and governments. Talaria: A Life Labs Project


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