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Buddy's Story In December 2013, Buddy was found as a stray. The nice lady that took him in had him scanned for a microchip, reported him as found to local animal control, contacted numerous veterinarian offices and posted on social media. Her local animal control stated that after a few days, if no one came forward, that Buddy would be considered hers. After a few weeks of having Buddy, she realized she could not care for him as needed. He had bloody diarrhea that was not clearing up and was not good with her other dogs. She reached out to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana. We agreed to take him in since she had done her due diligence in trying to find his owner. Buddy arrived at HSNWLA on January 6th of 2014. He was taken to our veterinarian, where he was diagnosed with colitis, HGE and moderate to severe heartworm disease. We immediately began treatment for colitis and HGE. Preparations were made for him to undergo heartworm treatment. After Buddy was in our care for over a week, cops swarmed our rescue after a man claimed we had possession of stolen property. The man claiming to be the owner had veterinarian paperwork for the same breed dog from 2009 showing a deworming, but no vaccinations or other veterinarian records. He produced a picture that was not of our Buddy. We refused to release him without proof that this was his dog. Buddy was very ill and was being monitored closely by our veterinarian. We quickly retained a lawyer to protect us and our interest in Buddy. The man hired an attorney as well, but we heard nothing from either until we took legal action. For OVER 28 months, we cared for Buddy. We treated Buddy for heartworms, gave him yearly vaccinations, annual dewormings and lots of love. We were instructed not to post about him, not to show him to the public and not to neuter him until ownership was determined by a judge. Not one time did this man contact us, have his attorney contact us or even have his attorney contact our attorney to check on the well-being of a dog he said was his. Buddy was our boy. We tucked him in bed every night. We fed him. We gave him his favorite squeaky toys. We played with him. We danced with him. We cried with him. We snuggled him BUT most of all, WE LOVED HIM. Buddy was heartworm NEGATIVE in our care after going through treatment, Buddy was fully vaccinated with annuals every year and any time there was a medical need Buddy was at the veterinarians office. The HSNWLA spent close to $2,000 on the care of Buddy getting him healthy and maintaining vaccinations while in our care. On March 31, 2016, we finally went to court. but it was delayed until May 17th. The man, claiming this was his dog, had his veterinarian drive into town to exam our Buddy to determine if there was a scar on his lumbar area. He claimed his dog had a old injury that left a scar. There was nothing of a scar in his dog's records. Our veterinarian also examined Buddy. No evidence of a scar on his lumbar area was found by either veterinarian. There was a decdiscrepancy in age in our regards to the familys dog and our Buddy. The family claimed their dog was 9-11 years old while our veterinarian determined our Buddy was about 6 years old. On May 17th, 2016 we entered the court room again. After more than 8 hours in a court room, it was determined that “more likely than not” this dog was this man's dog and our beloved Buddy was handed over to this man that claimed he was his owner. The judge decided this man was the only one claiming ownership. Our hearts shattered. Our minds froze in time. Our hands became sweaty. Tears formed a pool of water. Our knees buckled. We collapsed to the floor. Our Buddy, our beloved Buddy, was taken from us. On September 26, 2016 the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana entered the courtroom one last time for closure. The courts found that the HSNWLA owed the family $5,000 mental and emotional anguish and court cost(amount to be determined). $5,000+ is a HUGE blow to our small 501c3 non-profit all volunteer based organization. $5,000 is a HUGE blow to the dogs at local open intake kill shelters relying on us to help them! $5,000= 70 dogs vaccinated with annual shots $5,000= 84 dogs spayed/neutered $5,000= 17 dogs treated for deadly heartworm disease $5,000= 111 dogs treated for Sarcoptic/Demodectic Mange $5,000= 18 puppies treated for the deadly Parvovirus We are not out to bash anyone, we are out to let Buddy's story be heard. We are out to seek justice for the dogs in the state of Louisiana. We are going to abide by the rulings of the courts BUT we will need your help keeping our doors open! The 45 dogs in our care need us. The hundreds of dogs on kill lists at local shelters need us. AND WE NEED YOU! When we get the final and exact amount of judgement against us we will share, but it will be AT LEAST $5,000! Please share- Please donate- Please help us continue our mission to.... RESCUE ON FOR BUDDY! Other ways to donate. Mailing Address 2544 Linwood Avenue Shreveport La 71103 PayPal Airline Animal Health and Surgery Center (318) 746 6465 Caddo Animal Clinic (318) 636 1534 Employer Identification Number (EIN)721396136



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