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CROWDRISE : Apr 24, 2012
Tax ID: 27-2881442
BASED: Buffalo, NY, United States



Our Mission

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Buffalo ReformED is an education reform  advocacy organization whose mission is to empower our community to put the needs of students first.  Buffalo ReformED brings together all stakeholders to demand that decision makers priotiize education with a unified focus: what will best serve students, regardless of how it effects special interests. 

Better schools are key to reviving the city of Buffalo, and yet our education system is in a state of crisis. We have the highest spending per pupil in Erie County, and the lowest graduation rate. Only 47% of students graduate high school, with the largest achievement gap nationwide between white and black males. 

Buffalo ReformED is committed to changing this reality. The key to our approach is working from the bottom up, empowering community members to demand excellent schools, and helping parents become effective change agents. We push for transparency and accountability to keep our community informed. We produce high quality research that identifies obstacles to reform, and promote policies aimed at moving past those obstacles. 

We believe that all students, regardless of ethnicity or income, deserve a high quality education. We hope you will join us in making this vision a reality!

Tax ID: 27-2881442 •


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