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Build a Global Universal System

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Many times we make a donation through any organization for any causes we do not know who are the end recipients, how each dollar affect their life or what % is being used for the actual cause other than a vague idea or compelling marketing campaign that help will be going to them. My project is to set example for for all out there that with today's technology, it's possible to trace every single dollar to a name when require like a DHL parcel and there is no NGOs or charities out there that is willing to put online real time accounts for the public to view as per they used on any accounting software. Our operations and financial report will be online and real time and the transparency, accountability will be set at highest standard possible, instead of meeting those insufficient legal or regulatory requirements only. For too long we had waited for mishaps or hear cases of corruption or why most major accidents had to happen then there is this little push for stricter policies and regulations. This system will bypass all these slow changes required and take own actions instead to make those really transparent and accountable NGOs, charities or even corporations (SMEs) that they had nothing to hide and no trade secrets are around to justify any confidentiality issues commonly used as excuse. The emphasis that I wish use all means to identify everyone into the system is: 1. register them with fingerprint/birth certs, identity cards etc first is because if we can't know those we intend to help, then how we can manage effectively to not only help in their current situation, but also improve progressively.2. When they is no guarantee that every dollar of help is gonna to help them move out of poverty in the shortest time possible, the billions we pour in yearly in like having a hole on the boat with no sight of land. The part that I will need work on is implementing a Universal Income for all, from birth. No reason that baby bonus scheme can only work in developed countries and yet if half or even lesser than that of the amount might even feed them for years. Therefore the fastest way to stop slavery and under paid workers is to directly support them with an income supplement even if they don't work. The amount of job created in the provision of housing, food etc at much better standard will enable them to spend and work harder at a clearer future. People will own the entity that is at the same time provide jobs, products and service to they themselves as consumers. While in progress to build the website and get proper help in setting up proper media campaign, I will update the status of another individual project in which the current company in Thailand where I'm working. I will use the same model to run the system manually without the system to fine tune the procedures required in actual run. The target is to give them almost double wages with the UI included and we manage better housing, facilities for them that they can fully own in 10 yrs time, not company provided or rented. More info on features and project introduction can be found on below link The fund raise will be used to cover the initial expenses which I will need to setup a proper website with online real time accounting features for transparency and for developer to design the whole system in different stages. Completion might that years but the amount of funds raised will be accountable to donors and hope that the scale of this project can buildup will itself attract more volunteers to help out. Target set is only for stage one now:)



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