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I was at a highest of highs a couple of Sundays ago, as I sat on the lawn with our Sunday school youth group, teaching and preaching about God's grace. The kids were all full of interest, laughter and singing. It made me feel so proud of what we had achieved so far at our small St. Lawrence's Church, Karachi. AND then the rain came down... And I realized how much we really needed to add onto our small building to accommodate for our ever growing number of youth members! And this is the reason why I am writing to you now, to request your help, with either a donation of funds or a donation of building material, towards the extending of our Church building. For the past two years now we have placed great emphasis on attracting and building our number of youth members, as we believe that that the youth in any church is of extreme importance! I'm sure you know of how important the youth is to any community... They are the future after all. This development has been a great success and our youth group has slowly grown to a number that we can now be proud of! But unfortunately, it has also grown to a size that we cannot accommodate for anymore in our small Church Building. So the time has now come for us to do some developments and extend the building. But we can obviously not do this without the help of outside funding. So please would you be able to help us by sponsoring a section of the building extension or by donating some of the building material needed for it! The cost to build this extension is going to be ($40,000), and to raise these funds we have broken the structure up into five different sections of which we are looking for sponsorships for each! Each section is going to cost ($10,000) and as a reward for sponsoring the section you will receive a plaque placed in the building entrance. By sponsoring and helping us build this extension you will be helping the kids in such a big way! Being a Christian yourself, I am sure you will understand the importance of giving our children a good grounding in our beliefs about Christ and the Lord, and this is what our Church's main goal is! We want to teach the children in the best way possible and help them to develop into strong and honest Christian adults. With this new extension we will be able to provide for these kids in a much better way. There will be no more interruptions or cancellations due to weather, the cold during winter will be less of an issue, and quite simply an indoors building with seats and proper facilities will just mean so much for the children, they will feel so much more wanted! So by helping us build on to our Church you will be providing a huge service to all the children, in our Sunday school. Please either sponsor a section of our building or donate building material towards it. If you would like to sponsor then please contact myself, Yousaf Hussain, via email at We have plans to start construction on the 04 Mar. I thank you for the time you have taken to read this.



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