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Peter Louis Ndifor's Fundraiser:


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Peter Louis Ndifor


Founded in February 1999, FHF is a Non-profit Charitable Non-Governmental Organization with main objective to free HIV /AIDS HEALTH EDUCATION TO VULNERABLE GROUPS and provide health care to patients(MOSTLY HIV/AIDS,MALARIA AND TUBERCULOSIS) who because of lack of health education , inadequate financial means, chronic illness, abandonment, terminally ill states and lack of health facility do not have access to health education and cannot afford basic medical care.

In order to achieve this goal, the FHF therefore has three main services:

• A Professional Home Health And
Hospice Service.
• A Community Health Education
• Spiritual Counseling Service
• And a Polyclinic.

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen and expand HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support activities being carried out in Limbe, CAMEROON-AFRICA, through the construction of an HIV specific Hospital.

Specific objectives :
1: To introduce an accessible ,community-based ,long term sustainable co-participatory preventive program and effective health education and communication
2: To reinforce and facilitate access to voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), in particular for vulnerable groups
3: To establish an adapted system of surveillance of HIV/AIDS infection, including of risk behaviors
4. To provide an an adequate Hospital setting for HIV/AIDS treatment.
5. To introduce a system of advocacy ,treatment ,care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and 6.To build the capacities needed to implement the various strategies and policies of the HIV/AIDS response, including inter-sectoral collaboration.

1-The provision of a permanent quality site that shall create an identity to the Public
2-The Hospital shall be able to provide all services to the underpriveledged free of charge and so further our charity purpose
3-The Hospital shall recruit specialized staff to give specific services to the Public
The beneficiaries include the general population of the Limbe District , with a particular focus on young people and vulnerable grroups. The focus will be on those at greatest risk and vulnerability to HIV infection, in particular on those in specific socio-economic and occupational settings. Other important beneficiaries of the proposal are "hidden" and socially marginalized groups such as sex workers and drug users. The project will also target important "bridging" groups such as the military , taxi and truck drivers .

Other beneficiaries of this proposal include those targeted through surveillance such as those reporting STDs and attendants of antenatal clinics; as well as people living with HIV/AIDS, their partners and families.

Lastly, an important beneficiary is health care workers, non-governmental organization personnel and those in other sectors working on HIV/AIDS.

The FHF AIDS PROJECT (FHF-AP) will be responsible for overall project management, including: (i) developing an operation plan for the implementation of different sub-components of the project; (ii) managing and coordinating project activities; (iii) following and monitoring progress implementation of the project; (iv) ensuring and maintaining (supervising) financial management and procurement systems; (iv) ensuring regular elaboration and submission of periodic activity project reports from the different implementers; and (v) liaising with the National AIDS Committeeand other partners.

The implementation of central level activities (coordination, central procurement) will be the responsibility of the FHF-AP supported by other departments of the Ministry of Health.

District Medical Officers (DMOs) Focal Points for HIV/AIDS will play a coordinating role for the implementation of the district sub-components through our other NGO partners. The FHF-AP is working with the DMOs on coordinating and gathering information on HIV/AIDS activities at the district level.

Effective project management is essential to monitor the achievement of project inputs, outputs, and impact, as well as to provide financial accountability with due diligence to economy, and to conduct transparent procurement procedures in the issuing of contracts. Therefore, strengthening the capacities of the FHF-AP, focal points at district level and NGOs is one of the sub-components of the proposal.



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Peter Louis is working on selecting a charity so you can support TO COMPLETE THE CONSTRUCTION OF AN HIV HOSPITAL IN LIMBE -CAMEROON.