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Build a Science Museum and Library for the Turkish City of Izmir

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September 06, 2010

If you are a super rich Turkish family, give land, give money, give time and we will name it after you.  See more


darryl Youzefowich


One day I thought, if only if there was a great science museum here in Izmir, Turkey like we had in home in Canada, or in Houston where I felt the butterflies land on my arms and head, or the great one in St. Louis, USA, which is a city of similar size.

In this day and age, it is not obvious that science is something you can build a life around, that you can be an adventurer, and explore your world through science. For many, science is old school, but I know that is not right. The wonders of the world, the adventure of working for a dream, the excitement of innovation and discovery.

So I contacted an international consultant that suggested that I start a fundraising project to build a museum like they had in St. Louis, for example.

If you don't know, they barely have a city library in Izmir, they need a project like this to take off and help their country develop.

So why not swing for the fences and ask the universe for big money to get kids really, really excited? Why not ask for 25 million dollars to shock the kids into believing anything is possible, that life is not a collection of huge disappointments? The impact would be astounding - the jaws dropping would be huge. Just think of kids that have such big eyes that the tears start to flow from happiness! Think of screaming in delight as the building is opened. Think of the biggest outpouring of emotion since the moon landing (well almost). Think of poor kids used to ashes, to having garbage, to think they are queens and kings, princes and princesses.

So yes, I am asking for a lot, dear universe, but these kids need this, not want it, to pull themselves up.

I am just getting started, how about a butterfly collection in the museum that land on your nose, a floor aquarium, exhibits that get little kids excited, science camps, international exchanges, the list goes on.

Wow! The first step is to find a sponsor, an architecture plan, donated land, and get the building up! Yes we can! Donate now, to help a developing middle east country think of education before other worse alternatives.



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