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Build A Sustainable Fish Farm in Haiti

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"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But if you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."

This project will involve raising the fish inland in the region of Artibonite, Haiti. As the initial farm generates enough income, the farm will be expanded to larger sites in other regions of the country. The project will create employment opportunities for a portion of the 40% of the population that is currently unemployed, introduce a new skill set to the agriculture workers, provide an inexpensive source of much needed added nutrients to the population’s diet, as well as the achievement of self-sustainability for the local economy. As the fish farm expands, all profits will be used towards building or supporting local infrastructure, such as primary schools or clinics. The residents will be consulted about their community needs and the funds will be allocated according to the urgency of those needs.

Fish farms are relatively very simple to operate. Initially, the land where the farm will be located needs to have a high concentration of clay soil composition for it to produce optimal results. We have already secured a one acre location in Artibonite, Haiti that is perfect. The next step is to dig the pond, and fill it with water using an attached irrigation ditch. Considering Artibonite is an agricultural area, it is ideal for irrigation. Upon completion, the fish eggs will be introduced to the pond. The fish will be kept well-fed, and will be harvested every six months. For this type of aquaculture project, the Israeli tilapia is the best species of fish to use because they are resistant to many different adverse environmental conditions. Thus, Israeli tilapia will be the species used. The harvested fish will then be sold to local market vendors at a reduced price. The profits obtained will be used to expand the fish farm until it is large enough to generate a considerable amount of income that can support the infrastructure projects. The Haitian market is low on affordable sources of healthy foods, therefore, this project has great potential to be very successful and profitable. Projections are the farm would be able to turn a healthy profit of up to 40% of the operating costs. It is estimated that at least $16,000 will be generated from each acre every six months. A total of $12,000 is needed as the initial fund to start the fish farm. All of the initial funds raised will go directly to purchasing the fish eggs, the fish feed, the wages of the agriculture laborers, as well as a security fence. After the initial funds are raised, the fish farm will be completely self-sustainable costing only around $9,000 for each 6 month period, and no additional funds will need to be raised for the purpose of operating it. STF has already secured a reliable vendor from whom the materials needed (fish eggs, etc.) can be purchased regularly. The vendor company has extensive experience and expertise in fish farming, and will therefore also provide guidance whenever necessary.

Our kick off campaign is to raise $12,000 to build the 1 acre fish farm. Any donation will make a difference towards creating a sustainable Haiti.

Check out STF at www.stfhaiti.org



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