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In societies like ours, which humiliate human dignity and bastardize our ethical judgment, where life is worth nothing, where we feed every day with sad passions in a single dose; projects like the one I will mention, I represent resistance, give answers, and from here we can achieve not tell these sad passions and continue to contribute as beings. I feel the need to connect the art of helping, and I am moved by the fact that we can leave our seal and our bit in this world forever. I'm a young college student-athlete, I write to say that the desire to form a non-governmental organization, foundation or nonprofit whose social object, economically help student-athletes Hispanics in the United States so they can finish the college. A very noble project, with a large involvement of the social community and a great social impact, which is based on promoting and encouraging further education with sport. There is a prejudice and established paradigm to believe that studying abroad have enough money, thinking they are all "boys" with a lot of money and belong to the aristocracy of their societies. Today, the American university has different possibilities, loans and economic aid by the public and private sector to finance their education. It is not the same case for Hispanic nonresidents who study here. Who will take advantage of this project? Clear principle, the student-athlete to take his concern "money" of the head and be able to study, compete and complete their education. The second beneficiaries are the countries of origin of students, this because after not more than 5 years (allowing visa F-1 study), the country will have academic professionals, skilled workers, and people who learned an second language. Third the US also benefits. From this non-profit, we'll fight to eradicate the work not regularized and the labor exploitation college students and we'll fight against inequalities on education. University Hispanics between ages 18 and 24, exceed 2,000,000 representing 16.5% of total registrations. Added to this, the United States has a Hispanic community of 60,000,000 people.



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