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Building and organizing sustainable agriculture communities

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FLIFLY is building and organizing SACs to be sustainable and citizen-driving, community groups have to be able to negotiate with outside stakeholders. The basic premise of an asset-based approach in that by mobilizing local assets and initiating activity that requires little outside support, the community is in a better position to leverage activities, investments and resources for outside the community to spport further asset -based, locally defined development. Just as there are risks of some people wielding power over others in community, so also are there are similar risks when community groups negotiate with outsiders. These are risks include:

- Well intentioned NGOs taking control over activities that can and should be citizen-diven

- Private stakeholders with an interest in co-managing or purchasing community assets (particularly natural assets such as land, tree, water resources etc..) who are able to manipulate opinion

- Government stakeholders that are attempting to impletement policies that are not in the best interest of local communities.

- Covernment officials that are acting in their own private interests rather than in public interest.

According to the experience as well as knowledge of Mr. Rin Po and team leaders to be building and organizing SACs that are used many strategies to indentified the strongly support and sustain community initiatives.

1. Local empowerment through consciousness raising, capacity-building, organizing, mobilization of local resources, leadership enhencement, and negotiations.

2. Participation of community leaders in the decision-making processes of sustainable agriculture communities

3. Inclusion of the entitlements of the people, especially of the disadvantaged groups in the development paradigms, the policies, budget, and national programs.

4. Linking of community experiences through sharing of information or linking with policy makers through the alliances and networks.

5. Access if not control of the national, economic, and social resources and assets needed for their sustainable livelihoods.



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