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Foundation for Underway Experiential Lea...

Foundation for Underway Experientia...
CROWDRISE : May 16, 2017
Tax ID: 81-4752116


Help Build the Ship

for our educational sailing program, the transformative adventure of a lifetime

American teenagers are averaging 8 hours and 56 minutes of digital media use per day, not including time at school or doing homework. Problems such as poor grades, obesity and health issues correlate with excessive media use. The FUEL program offers a way to break these patterns, replacing mindless media with life-changing experiences.

We offer college curriculum in an experiential framework onboard a world-voyaging sailing ship. Leadership skills, self-reliance, and teamwork are necessary tools for sailing a large ship and focal points of our program. Furthermore, because our program includes world-wide travel students gain global perspective by sailing great distances to arrive at their destinations and imersing within diverse cultures once there.

On a typical 14 week voyage our learners will complete a full semester of college courses, visit as many as 15 countries on multiple continents, and work toward maritime certifications and licensing. 


Tax ID: 81-4752116 •


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